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Any carpet cleaning pro will tell you that not every homeowner pays the same price for professional services. It might be surprising for some homeowners as they have seen the flat rates and cost computation methods at least once in their life.

It is not to say that carpet cleaners charge unfairly but the actual services differ for different households. If you want to tip the balance in your favor and save money the next time you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, keep reading these useful tips.

 You don’t need to search for “cheap carpet cleaning Baltimore MD” but can cut down costs even from the best cleaner.

1. Never Skip On Spot Cleaning

Many of the carpet cleaning professionals assess the condition of your carpet before providing you can estimate. If the carpet is heavily soiled and stubborn stains are all over the place, your bill will surge pretty quickly. Your best bet is to never skip on the spot cleaning.

 Food spills happen but make spot cleaning your habit. Keep a piece of clean cloth and vinegar spray ready for sudden spills. Learn some useful tricks to remove the stains effectively as soon as they appear on the carpet and you can save a lot of money.

2. Stick To Regular Vacuuming Schedules

Most of the homeowners hire carpet cleaning services to get rid of the debris and pollutants accumulated in the deepest of carpet fibers. The estimate depends on carpet soiling as well as its size.

Sticking to a regular vacuuming schedule benefits you in various ways. Not only it saves your money spent on professional services but extends the life of your carpet.

 Different carpet manufacturers require you to get the carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Vacuum often and you hire service after 18 months without voiding their warranties.

3. Use Runners And Mats

The dust particles are microscopic but they work as tiny blades for the carpet fibers. The abrasion, nicks, and cuts on the fibers shorten the lifespan of the carpet. That makes regular cleaning necessary.

If you want to reduce your time spent on cleaning, use mats, and runners. It is a great way to catch the dirt before it gets in the deeper fabrics and cause damages. When there is heavy foot traffic, runners are your best option whereas placing mats on the insides and outsides of entrances is also very helpful.

4. Keep A No-Shoes Policy

Preventing the dirt from entering the carpet is smarter as compared to sucking it out. A simple way to minimize the dirt and debris is to enforce a no-shoes policy. It not only protects against pollutants but safeguards your carpets against pointed heels. Shoes are also harder on fibers so the no-shoes policy helps extends the life span of your carpet.

5. Measure Your Rooms Precisely

The cleaning costs are estimated by measuring the rooms. If your carpet cleaner is charging by square footage make sure the measurements are accurate. For instance, the company representative measured the room to be 300 square feet whereas your measurement indicates only 250 square feet, you can save up to $50. Professionals make mistakes but you should not be paying for them. 

6. Move The Furniture Before Cleaners Arrive

Inquire about the possibility of cost reduction if you remove the furniture before the cleaners arrive. If you have enough space in your home, relocate the furniture for temporary storage. Keep in mind that some companies do not cut a deal for furniture moving. If that is the case, let the professionals handle the move.

7. Schedule A Service During Less-Occupied Days

The date and time of your residential carpet cleaning appointment can also affect your bill. Try to schedule cleaning services during weekdays and least occupied days of the year. Avoid hiring in the spring season as it is the busiest time of the year for cleaners.

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