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How to Search For Plenty of Fish for Rich Dating Online?


Would you try a dating website, what about POF?

Having been divorced by a ruthless husband, I was not ready to marry once again. I knew I had to find somebody temporary, richer and handsome to enjoy the pretty youth of my time. I am intelligent, pretty and smart. Beauties with brains are hard to find, no matter poor or rich. Girls need no money, but the wealth of beauty only. So, my goals were clear now:

I wanted to date a rich person.

I wanted not to marry.

I wanted to own lots of expensive shoes, purses, dresses, etc.

I wanted to travel the world.

How could I accomplish my goals? I was very confused after my divorce. I was abused severely by my husband. I had the scars on my soul, body, and heart. What if anybody recognized my bruise soul? How would I manage my feelings and emotions?

Then, I knew, first of all, I must repair my inner soul, body and heart. I started searching for potential online dating websites to know more about all these things. Along with my hunt, I also started repairing myself. My healed self was better able to understand the potential candidates and websites.

It was mid of July 2019 when I reached Plenty of Fish online dating website.

What is Plenty of Fish (POF) Online Dating Website?

Plenty of Fish is an online dating website, which is primarily used in Canada. It is very popular in Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, United States, and the United Kingdom. The site has matched several members with their soul mates. The Plenty of Fish is available in different nine languages, which is why there are better chances of finding the just perfect guy on the Plenty of Fish Dating Website’s platform.

Plenty of Fish, the company, is primarily based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It generates income through paid memberships and ads on the website.

Following essential information regarding the POF Company is detailed:



No. of Employees


Year of Launching


Headquarters of the Company

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Founder of the Website

Markus Frind

Owner of the Website POF:

Plentyoffish media

Revenue of the Website:

100 Million USD


It is true that all the dating websites are unsecure, leak the information of the users to the outsider’s sources, but credible online dating websites such as Plenty of Fish do not take such risks. The founder of Plenty of Fish would not like to risk his $100 Million annual revenue for a few thousand dollars’ worths leaked information.

Membership Plans:

The website can be signed up for free. There are no registration or trial charges. The members can upgrade to the paid membership by paying the fee through the credit/debit card. The better features of the website are available to the upgraded members online.

How Can You Search in POF?

When I started searching for the POF, I met my ideal husband on the website. I was very afraid to remarry or had shunned the idea right after my divorce. I was eager for flings, hookups, one night stands and just wanted to break other's hearts. Maybe, I wanted to revenge others of the scars that were given to me by my ex-husband.

How stupid was I!

I never knew I could fall in love with my present husband so passionately. How could I embrace love after the divorce? Well, shit happens and it happened to me twice stronger than the first time. So, you should never feel dismayed about what had happened. All the things happen for the best. Now, I am happily married to the right person, perfect partner, a good friend, a secret keeper and a brilliant human being.

It all started when I was trying to understand the search features of the POF. There are two kinds of search features of the Plenty of Fish dating websites online. They are:

1. Basic Search Features

2. Advanced Search Features

There are two kinds of search features on the Plenty of Fish. Both of them are explained below:

1. Basic Search Features of POF

When it comes to finding the partners of your choice, the POF offers the most user-friendly options in its search engine. It allows you to find the partner of your choice. Basically, it allows you to create a person out of your interests, imagination and dreams.

The basic search alone gives you so many options to find a potential partner. In the Basic Search, you are given different options in the search engine, they are:








Weight/Body Type

Education Sought

Zip Code

Miles from the place

Newest/Oldest members


The options have been designed to make you meet the perfect partner, so the age option is restricted to 14 years of age. The website understands that you need a rich guy, but you must not sleep with anybody of your father’s age. The website allows the romance and love to thrive on the platform of the website this way.


2. Advanced Search Features


The Advanced Search Features is something you must be using – I used it and found my loving husband. It is so extensive that you practice the sketch the person of your dreams in the Advanced Search Options. Following are the advanced search options:







Zip Code

Minimum/Maximum Height




Search Type


Family Orientation



Marital Status


Sort By

User Wants Children?


Uses any Drugs?

Display Type


Users with children

Hair Color


Eye Color






Do You Own a Car?

Longest Relationship


The options in the search engines are the paint colors with which you sketch the men/women of your dreams, and attain them on the POF Website. I hope that you get the men of your dreams like I met the man of my life on POF. 


What do you think?

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