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Want to see everyone on Google Meet? Follow this article to the end. You may choose from Tiled or Sidebar views. It feels convenient if you can see everyone altogether in small as well as large meetings. Below we have mentioned steps with which you can see everyone at once in Sidebar as well as Tiled view when you organize a meeting through your PC with the help of any supported browsers like Edge, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

How to See Everyone in Tiled View

You need to set your PC’s screen to a grid format by selecting Tiled view. Doing this will place your conference attendees in a tiled or grid layout on the screen.

  1. Tap on the three vertical dots appearing at the bottom right and further press the “More” option to continue.
  2. Then click on “Change Layout.”
  3. Further, press the bubble appearing next to the “Tiled” option. You can use the slider to choose the desired number of tiles that you want to see on the screen at once. By default, 16 tiles are available to be seen at once on the screen. However, you may add up to 49 tiles at a time to view the participants belonging to them.
  4. You can then view all the attendees by closing the Change Layout dialog box.

How to See Everyone in Sidebar View

SideBar view is best suited for smaller gatherings with a featured speaker. The speaker is shown on the main part of the PC’s screen, and all the listeners are shown in the smaller tiles appearing in the sidebar situated on the right.

  1. Press the icon related to the “More Options” icon
  2. Click on the “Change Layout” option.
  3. Choose the “Sidebar view” and further close the box to view the speaker (on the screen’s main part) and the attendees appearing on the sidebar.

Two Other Views You Should Know About

Other than the tiled and sidebar view, there are two more views that you should know about in Google Meet. These views will help you focus on the speaker or allow you to view over nine participants automatically. Below we have mentioned the details regarding them:

  1. Auto: This default mode lets you view other participants. In this view, you can see from over two to nine attendees on your screen.
  2. Spotlight: The mode lets the active speaker appear on the main part of the screen. This mode is pretty helpful when you want to view and listen to only the main speaker.

Three Useful Google Meet Extensions to Know

You can use the below-mentioned add-ons if you have a free account and you need to have a bit more control over the service. Even though Google has introduced various features to Zoom, they can be accessed by only the enterprise users. So, we have mentioned a few add-ons that you can use on your free account.

Google Meet Grid View Fix

The Google Meet Grid View extension had helped users a lot before Google Meet had its native grid format. This add-on was the workaround previously. The Google Meet GridView Fix is the most recent updated version for resolving the issues regarding the compatibility in the built-in grid view of Meet. You get a very handy shortcut for the grid view with this add-on. This shortcut can be found on the immediate next of the number of meeting participants. You can turn on and off the tile mode with just a click on the grid icon. You also get some advanced viewing options with this add-on, and it lets you view more than 49 participants at once, and that too without any business account.


This add-on provides users access to raise their hands virtually to ask their doubts if they have any. Even though Google Meet offers a chat function with the help of which users can send and receive messages, this add-on works is also used to let the speaker get the message that you are getting whatever he is discussing. This extension is helpful for the meeting consisting of a lot of participants alongside the virtual classrooms.


Sometimes it may become a hassle for you to mute or unmute your mic. Even though you can use the Command-D shortcut (Google Meet’s built-in key combination for accomplishing the task), Push to Talk offers a similar facility where you can turn on and off the mic with the help of just the spacebar. You can also program your desired key for this task.

So, this was all about how you can see everyone on Google Meet and a few extensions that you can use to make your task much easier.

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