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If Only We could Go Back to the Old Mobile Phone Era

The predecessor of mobile phone is a telephone. The original telephone was designed by bell in 1875. He used the principle of electromagnetic induction. Sound waves impact the diaphragm to drive the armature, and the current changes. The alternating current is transmitted to the electromagnetic antenna coil at the other end to absorb the vibration of the diaphragm, and then the voice signal is transmitted. In this way, people from two sides can hear each other’s voice. With the progress of modern science and technology, the telephone is gradually changing Developed into a smart phone, smart phones should have brought more convenience to mankind, but smart phones have become the main culprit for the decline of students’ performance, and “bow head group” can be seen everywhere on the road.

Now there are more and more mobile phone brands, Samsung, Xiaomi, and the iPhone 11 series are constantly launched.Today’s students are addicted to online games, QQ chat and microblogging all day long, which leads to lower grades and boredom with their studies, and even makes middle-aged and young people go to the road of crime.

No matter they are in the station or on the street, they are playing with mobile phones all the time every day. I once saw such a news in the newspaper that a college student focused on playing with mobile phones when crossing the road. Finally, he was hit by a bus and sent to the hospital. After rescue, he died. I don’t understand that he lost his life for the sake of temporary happiness Is life worth it?

Mobile phones will still lead to the separation of lovers thousands of miles apart. Seeing this, some people begin to wonder, can’t mobile phones shorten the distance between people? How can it lead to separation? Yes, the mobile phone can listen to each other’s voice, but it doesn’t mean it can close the distance between people. I haven’t seen each other for a long time. Even if I hear the voice, it doesn’t help?

Although mobile phones can also bring convenience to human beings, but I believe that mobile phones bring more harm to people, so how I hope that mobile phones can change back to the original only talking mobile phones! In this way, fewer people will go to the road of no return.

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