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After making your office the foremost thing which you to do is to consult the best commercial blinds service Newport Coast CA

Before owning an office, I did not know that commercial blinds are such a crucial thing to have. I always thought the sole purpose of them was their sleek aesthetic addition to the office. But it was more than that, which I realized. They are not regular curtains.

So, when the summers came everybody in my office started complaining about the unwavering heat. My office was on the 9th floor so obviously, it was closer to the sun. I could also feel that the heat was too much and air conditioners were not working properly. It was a time of great stress for me as the air conditioners were totally new and I could not afford the replacement of the complete cooling system of the office. It was an unnerving situation. My budget would have gone bonkers. 

I tried to delay the situation but then real chaos started happening. With the increase in the heat, employees started complaining about the computer and other appliances heating up to the unusual temperature. 

It was something weird because other offices which were situated on the same 9th floor were not facing this problem. It was only my office. 

One day, five of my important computer systems heated up to the point that they shut down and three of them got damaged in a way that they could not be recovered. This was a real alarming situation. Even the employees were becoming unhappy with the office environment. Air conditioners were in perfect condition but still, they were unable to cool down the office’s temperature. Everyone felt all sweaty and angry because of unbearable heat and suffocation. 

People were complaining more and more so I had to take action. So, I finally decided to take some loans to replace all the air conditioners of the office. Obviously, it was going to drain my budget but I had no other option. Therefore, I called the air conditioner repair service and asked their representative to visit my office. 

When that representative arrived and analyzed all the air conditioners, he was shocked to find that all the air conditioners were working but the heat could not be removed from the office. He said that it would be really crazy for us if we decide to replace to repair the air conditioners which are perfectly fine. 

He visited my office and then he told me the real reason behind this issue, which seemed so petty to me when I constructed the office but in reality, it based the office’s climate on it. He told me that the reason why this is happening is that I do not have blinds on the windows. He then gave me contact numbers of Smart Blinds, A Blinds Replacement company in Newport Coast CA. 

Upon his suggestion, I installed blinds before installing new air conditioners and fortunately, the condition fixed immediately. It is been two years and my air conditioners are still working fine. 

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