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If you are a painter by profession or even if it is your hobby, you must be well aware that owning a paint spray gun is cool, but it is also a wise decision to have that spray gun parts and accessories as well. Spray parts and accessories are important if you want to prolong the life of your machine.

There comes a time in every spray machine’s life where some of its parts malfunction or they just need a replacement to work efficiently. This is how it is with the machine, at some point in time, a few parts wear off. Now, the best part of these paint sprayer companies is that they also sell repair and repacking kits that have parts and accessories. Titan airless sprayers come with a variety of packing kits as well as Wagner sprayers.

Tips to Selling Sprayer parts and Accessories online   

Given the year 2020 pandemic, all businesses took their brick and mortar businesses online. We do not kid you when even small businesses to survive this pandemic and to take all their products on an online platform to sell. This is the only way, businesses are surviving the social distancing protocols and government lock downs and shutdowns, etc.

In this article, we will list down a few tips and tricks for you to sell sprayer parts and accessories online.

  1. Plan: First thing first, make a plan. To start anything, anywhere mapping out your plan with a pen and a piece of paper is the first and foremost step. Do not skip this step. Now to guide you with what this plan should entail? Here is a list for you mentioned below.

     A proper plan should clearly state what products you have? what do you want to sell? what online platforms do you want to use?  How much money do you have to execute the plan, if you would need to pay for advertisement or for creating a website etc.?

    For a plan, it is also necessary that you research your targeted market, on their habits and buying patterns. So if you are selling sprayer parts and accessories, you probably need to know where are all these painters are? What platforms are they using? Are they on Facebook more or are they on Google? Do they feel buying through a website or from social media platforms?

    The success of your business relies on how thoroughly you research and make your plan. This plan should encompass all environmental patterns, the shift of online buying behavior, an increase in digital marketing and advertising, etc.

  2. Take the step into the digital world: Once you have a plan ready, the second step is to take the decision and make the leap for your business into the digital world. Trust yourself and your plan. Do remember, as the needed time comes be flexible in your plan and modify it as needed.

    Since you have a plan in place, it’s time to start acting on it. So if you have decided you are taking your product on a Facebook business page, you start taking pictures of your products, figuring out descriptions and details, payment methods, etc.

  3. Make a business layout of social media or website platform: Depending on how many social media platform you will be using to sell your products, you need to figure out a layout for that platform.

    The following are a few tips for you to have a clear and concise layout for your sprayer part and accessories business.

Take clear pictures of the product you want to sell with a light background. We would recommend you to choose a white background, as this would lay more emphasis on the sprayer part and accessory.

List down the name of the product below the picture or on the picture.

In detail, mention all the details about the product, its dimensions, its warranty, how many parts it has, etc.

All these details will then finalize the layout of your online store, meaning how the products are put together with the description and details. The layout of your website should tell you about how many brands you are selling? What products you are selling? How many pages are there in your website layout? How many elements are you using? Etc

  1. Content Details and Aesthetic of your Online store: This is covered in the layout of your website. This means that you have to decide on the kind of font you will be used for labeling your product, your font that lists down the content and detail of the products, etc. You should also figure out the overall look you want of your store, whether you want cool and precise aesthetics or you would choose something dynamic.

    We also recommend you to decide on the size and frame of each photograph you are using, Are you listing down the contents of your store in paragraph form, or are you’re listing it down in bullet form, etc.

    If you think you are someone who can deal with all these tiny details, good for you otherwise hire a professional to do this for you. Because let us put this simply for you, that the look of your online store matters a lot to the customers. If they are not able to see the details or figure out what product has what details you are losing your potential customers etc.

  2. Other Details: List down the policies of your online store. For example; you can sell titan airless sprayer parts with no return policy, or you can give a return or exchange policy if returned within 24 hours, etc.

    Second, have a clear payment policy for your online store. i.e. if you are offering cash on delivery or credits, debit card secure payments, etc.

    You can also ask your customers to subscribe to your page or website, that way they can stay updated with new products, discounts for loyal customers, etc.

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