Working from home has gotten a lot of positive and negative reactions from businesses all over America. Some believe it was a blessing to their employees and work ethic and dedication has risen; others have found it hard and grueling, and a struggle to keep people engaged with the work at hand.

But many have found it can switch between the two on either a monthly or even worse, a weekly basis. This can be very stressful for those that are taking their work very seriously and can be a general dampener on the mood all round. 

Here are some ways in which you could engage your workers a little more and make them feel like they are at work, as well as keeping their emotional health a top priority.

1 Invest in task management software

Task management software can be a great motivator—not only does it tell you where people are at with their work, but it also allows other employees to see where other workers are at. This makes interaction with work an awful lot easier, as people can access what others are doing to see where they are without needing to send too many emails.

2 Ensure they keep in touch with training and industry events

Most industries hold one or two trade shows or conferences each year and they are a vital tool for training and networking. Many of these events, in the current crisis have been replaced by a virtual conference online. These new types of events have the added bonus of being attended by those who would normally be put off by the logistics of traveling to the event. 

3 At the end of the week, make a rewards system that’s worth working toward

It’s good to make sure your employees feel cared for and loved, and a great way to do this is through a rewards system, or where the last hour of work on a Friday is a fun hour where you do quizzes or there is an event to help your employees feel as though they have had a good week, and all of the hard work they’ve put in has paid off.

This can be a great way to motivate workers, and introducing an employee of the week award might help get people to work a little harder. However, ensure no one overworks themselves. 

4 Provide counsel for those who might need it 

If you know a worker struggles at working from home for certain reasons (maybe they have a difficult family, or they struggle with concentration) it’s good for them to know that they have your constant support and you’re there if they need you.

It’s good to hold video calls so they can tell you about any changes and be open with you about their home life, so you know what’s happening and you can give them the correct and suitable support. 

Follow these tips to ensure that you support your employees while they are working remotely.

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