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Improve Your Soaps with Essential Oils?

Soaps have a fragrance in them which mesmerizes you and it is also one of the most inviting aspects of them. However, most of the soaps you buy from retail shops use artificial scents or chemicals in them which are not ideal for your skin or overall wellness.

If essential oils are used in the soaps instead of artificial scents, then the soaps can be much better as the essential oils have innate natural qualities in them which are beneficial for your mind and body. Today, we will look at some essential oils that can make your soaps invigorating and full of natural goodness.


Let's see how to make natural DIY soap with essential oils.


Unscented castile soap (or any of old or new soaps that you wish to improve)

One-third cup of oatmeal

Vitamin E oil – 1 teaspoon

Herbs – Lavender and Rosemary (Both Dried)

Essential oils of your preference – 30 drops


  • Rub the soap bars over the grater so that you convert it into powdered form.
  • Grind the oatmeal in a mixer or grinder. Start melting the soap slowly on medium heat.
  • After the soap melts, let it cool down a bit and after that mix oatmeal, Vitamin E, and essential oils in it.
  • Now, don't let the soap set and pour it immediately in a soap mold. Let the soap sit for at least a week before you start using it. It is a good practice to store it in a container that is completely airtight so that it sits perfectly.
  • A new and improved soap with invigorating fragrance is ready to be used now!

Benefits of essential oils in soap

There are several benefits of essential oils and it also depends on the essential oil you are using in the soap making process. Here are a few benefits of essential oils when used in soaps:

  • Most of the essential oils are skin-friendly and do not cause any irritation. Some essential oils like Bergamot even provide some relief from skin disorders such as eczema.
  • Essential oils naturally moisturize the skin and open up its pores. Essential oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which make them safe to use. Moreover, they are anti-inflammatory and provide relief to those who are suffering from inflammation.
  • They reduce fine lines and wrinkles and therefore prove to be anti-aging as well.
  • Natural oils like lavender, peppermint, etc. have a soothing effect on your mind. They boost our mood and keep us happy and cheerful throughout the day.
  • Essential oils give a fresh aroma to the soaps that can be invigorating. Lime and citrus oil help protect your body from foul smell for a long period.
  • These oils are especially helpful for people who have dry or sensitive skin. Some researchers also claim that these oils work wonders for people who have oily skin as well. 
  • Many studies also say that some of the essential oils help in reducing dark spots and pimples.


Essential oils are being used on a large scale in the soap making process especially if the brand boasts of providing natural and chemical-free soaps. They not only impart a fresh and inviting aroma to the soaps but also play an important role in the final output.

You can blend different essential oils to give a particular color to your soap. Therefore, you need not use artificial colors if you use the essential oils smartly. They also play a deciding role in the final scent and composition of the soap.

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