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From technological aspects, there is a difference between the inbound call center and outbound call center. The major difference lies in the manner in which the call center agents handle calls. Inbound centers deal with receiving calls, while outbound call centers aim at generating leads. The objectives of the inbound and outbound call centers vary. Inbound call centers address issues faced by the clients. It helps to enhance customer retention and build trustworthiness. On the contrary outbound call centers aim at invoking interest among the prospective.

All about Inbound Calls

The nature and form of Inbound calls may vary. Usually, inbound calls fall into one of three classes.

1) Client care 

Client service is when the customer calls agents to pose their injuries, complaints, or concerns regarding account management. These calls include:


Online payments

Client input

Updates to mail id

Inquiries regarding company policies, strategies, and more.

In most cases, these inquiries get handled online. As such, inbound call centers started using recordings to guide clients to online assets.

2) Specialized Help 

Clients call for technical assistance when something breaks on their end. When an item doesn’t work as expected, clients will attempt to get the issue settled. It can be anything like a smartphone that is unable to send/receive gifs, or a PC that will not turn on. Technical support will likely address issues faced by the clients that are not happy with the current services offered.

Due to the disappointing nature of the calls, agents working in an inbound call center services require staff with tolerance and prudence for managing calls and requests. A professional team knows how to answer calls and keep temperament controlled, reestablishing brand reliability and boosting sales.

Sorts of Outbound Calls

Outsourcing outbound call services get political parties garnering election votes, and organizations conducting surveys regarding the quality of products or services provided or statistical surveying. An Outbound call center tends to focus on closing deals.

Usually, outbound calls fall into one of two classes.

1) Cold pitches 

Outbound call center agents make cold calls to customers who were not expecting their calls. The initial interaction takes place over phone calls. Contingent upon the individual accepting the call, this can invoke sensations of dissatisfaction from the possible client’s end, making it even harder to close the deals. 

BPO Services agent needs to be tough, as the individuals who don’t appreciate the phone call often express their dissatisfaction. For professionals that can endure it, they are likely to generate leads.

2) Warm Calls 

Warm calls, in contrast to cold pitches, are the aftereffect of connection with the lead. No matter if it is a reference, a meet-up, or a follow-up. Since the lead is anticipating the call, these calls are acceptable, Subsequently, Warm Calls have better conversion rates.

Do You Need an Inbound or Outbound Call Place Administration?

Whether you need an inbound call center service or an outbound service relies upon what your team is battling to deal with. If you can’t keep up with client assistance and technical support calls, you could presumably seek help from inbound call center services. If your team is struggling to follow up a list of potential leads, an outbound call center may offer the best solution.

If your business is expanding and your team is too small to manage client requests, your business could profit by outsourcing BPO Services. Whether it is an expert client service team or you need some sales and marketing professionals, finding the right service partner can create the difference.

There are many leading service providers with decades of experience in the banking/financial sectors, retail, telcos, medical, insurance, and hospitality industry, both globally and locally.

They offer customized solutions tailored to your requirements, delivering expert help prefaced in our collaboration to deal with services offered to our customers.

Moreover, they provide you with a host of call center services that helps you have a solid support team for your business. These centers help you to give the best user experience to your customers and keep your clients satisfied in the long run.

Good services are a key to a progressive business and with proficient call center services you are guaranteed a positive result.  

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