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Nowadays amongst the horticulturists, the concept of grow bags to cultivate fruits and vegetables is one of the most popular and well-practiced methodologies of producing crops. However, gardening in grow bags are not at all a new concept, as in ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece the plants were grown in netted bags and baskets.

Hence, the innovative approaches of harvesting vegetables like tomatoes in durable grow bags can be a justified and realistic alternative against planting in containers and pots. Thus, agriculturists are advised to procure such unique tomato growing bags for breeding their tomatoes, apart from other vegetables from RIOCOCO, as they are reputed organic product suppliers offering sustainable OMRI-certified starter block products.

What are the Exclusive Benefits of Farming Tomatoes in RIOCOCO Made Grow Bags?

Grow bags from RIOCOCO are composed of 100% organic, biodegradable, and recyclable coco coir fabric. Hence, these handspun crop-growing bags are quite insubstantial in weight in contrast to other weightier choices of vessels and pots. Thus, this attribute of lightweight aids the gardeners to move the grow bags to the outdoor spots in the garden, especially during the breeding season of tomato crops.

As these growing bags are fabricated with natural coco coir substrates, they come with uncountable micro-pores in the entire length and breadth of the fabric. Thus, these bags have 100% permeable quality, wherein it helps to circulate the air or oxygen into the plants and most importantly to the root system. Hence, with the requisite 30% oxygen, the plants can propagate well absorbing the adequate nutrient from the soil for their steady growth.

Besides, the organic grow bags can conveniently drain out the excess water from the root system underneath the bags, which otherwise might result in overwatering and decaying of the roots. The same feature of porosity helps in suitable water discharges, thereby saving the roots and aiding the plants to procreate suitably.

Amongst other unique merits of the crop, growing bags is that they can modulate the temperature, thereby helping to remove the surplus heat from its inside. Hence, dispersing the heat appropriately can assist the bag to keep the soil cool mostly during the hot summer months. Again, in wintertime, the coir material of the bag can sustain the necessary warmth of the soil. Moreover, these coco coir bags have exclusive anti-bacterial properties, so they can be conveniently utilised as natural pesticides crucial for the suitable development of tomato plants.

Again, the organic tomato developing bags made with coco coir come with a neutral pH level of 6.5 to 7, so it is neither acidic nor basic. Thus, they help with the adequate level of growth for the root-structure of the plants, which only requires the correct formula of clean water to sustain itself. Besides, coir materials have a low-ratio of salt in them, again assisting in the appropriate growth of the roots. This low-content of salt is essential for plants, as the otherwise high proportion of salt-ions such as chlorine and boron can be toxic for the roots.

Additionally, these natural handmade coco coir grow bags from RIOCOCO has the quintessential certification from OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), which guarantees that these bags are produced only from 100% organic materials such coco coir substrate or peat, thus having chemical-free properties. Again, these coir bags can be conveniently used for propagating tomato plants through soil-based methods or utilising the aquaculture way of planting.

Final Thoughts

With such exclusive beneficial properties, these grow bags are the perfect medium for growing tomato plants in soil or water. Hence, the agronomists should purchase 100% organic, reusable coco coir tomato growing bags only from RIOCOCO under Ceyhinz Link International Inc., as they are the market leader in producing super-absorptive coir bags through the sustainable process, impacting less on the ecosphere.

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