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Android 12 is currently available for developers to check its performance and new features. Currently, it is available as a beta version, but users can find what’s new and what’s improved in it from previous Android versions. Indeed, downloading the Android 12 beta version is not an ideal option for everyone because these updates have plenty of issues and bugs that are hard to handle.

Android developers have added plenty of new features on this new Android 12 preview. A new gesture feature on Android 12 allows the device to perform a particular task, such as taking screenshots and more. Google is adding new features as the beta version is getting closer to the official release of Android 12. So based on this, users might see many new features in the upcoming months.

However, there are still a couple of interesting features that Google has added in the Android 12 beta version. So people who are excited to know more about what’s coming should either download and install the beta version or read the following guide to know more about Android 12 features.

Use Big Size Phone with Ease Using One-Hand Mode

In these last few years, smartphone companies are launching various phones, and users are getting attracted more towards big-size devices. The only drawback of big-size phones is full reachability with one hand. Undoubtedly, it’s hard to operate a big size phone with a single hand, so the Android developers have added the One-Hand more in the Android 12 beta version.

You can turn on the One-Hand mode by moving into Settings>System>Gesture>One-Handed Mode and toggle on the One-Handed Mode. Enabling the One-Handed Mode will help you to operate your smartphone more easily. To use it, slide down to the bottom of your Smartphone’s screen. Once you do this, the system will put the display interface to the middle and place it anywhere you like.

Double Tap to Perform a Task

The feature of double tapping at the back to act as a smartphone is not new, but Google has decided to add it on Stock Android devices. Double-tap gesture feature can be helpful in several ways, but before using it, you must enable it by moving into Settings>System>Gestures>Double Tap. Once you enable the Double Tap gesture feature, you can set it to play media, start Google Assistant, or capture a screenshot. Some developers have tried it, and the chances are that Android will make a few more improvements to this feature to make it more reliable.

Make an Urgent Call with Emergency SOS 

To call someone for help, you can tap the power button five times continuously. It will begin a countdown before making an emergency call. However, the emergency call feature is disabled by default, and to enable it, move into Settings>Safety Emergency>Emergency SOS.

Manage Apps to Show Up in Media Settings

Android developers have made a major improvement on audio and video media panel settings. All audio and video apps that use the media control panel can restrict those apps and set only the apps they wish to have. If you don’t want YouTube video media options over the media panel, you can turn it off and set it for an app like Spotify, YouTube Music, or anything else. To disable the apps for showing over the media panel, move into Settings>Sound & vibration>Media.

Under the Media tab, check all the apps, and toggle off the apps you don’t want to see over the media control panel.

New Improved Notifications Look

There’s also a minor improvement that has happened over the Notification panel. The developers have improved the notification panel design, which is now appearing more simple and convenient. The app notifications will appear more clearly with a better interface. Right now, it’s a minor update, but hopefully, developers will expand it in future updates.

Find your Android Device Fast 

Find Device feature has been available on Android devices for a long time but has been improved with each update. Indeed, finding a phone is a frustrating experience because people keep their important photos, files, and other data on their Smartphones. Android 12 beta version has not added a major change on the Find Device feature, and you can still use it to find your lost Phone quickly.

Use the Find Device feature, move into Settings>Security & Location>Find My Device or Settings>Google>Security>Find My Device. You must enable Find My Device into your Google account to find your lost smartphone. So if you have already enabled it, you must download the Find My app from Play Store.

Whatever Android device you’re using, open your Play Store, and search for the Find Device app by Google. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can Continue as a Guest and Continue as your Google account name. You can click Continue as Guest if your account is not signed on any other Android device. Sign in to your Google account by using email and password. You’ll see the Play Sound, Secure Device, and Erase Device option. First, you should secure your device by adding a lock on your locked device and then visit where your device is appearing on the Google Map.

Access Android Messages on Web

The default messages app on Stock Android is useful in many ways. Android 12 has made a few improvements in this section as well. It’s more like iMessages on Apple since it allows the user to send messages with effects and more amazing features. People who are not using Stock Android devices can download it from the Play Store. Great thing about the Messages app is that users can use its Web version as well. It will enable users to receive, check and send messages even if they are not close to their smartphone.

To use the Messages Web version, you must visit messages.google.com/web and scan the QR code using the Messages app. Click the three dots and press Messages for Web to activate the web version of Messages. From there, you can access all message updates.


Google has planned for several big features and improvements on Android 12, and they are continuously working on it. Features currently available on the Android 12 beta version might get better, but surely there are more features yet to come.

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