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With the inflation that we see today, pension alone cannot carry you through your retirement days. You need to have your own investments to help you go through your retirement period peacefully with no money worries. This is the perfect reason why you must invest in gold. If you are young and working with a capability to earn and save, you must start saving and investing in gold, to help you in your retirement years. Now, one doubt that may arise in your mind is why you should invest in gold, and nothing else. So, here is the answer to your question.

Why you shouldn’t be investing in stocks and properties

Stocks and properties are two main assets people are likely to invest in the most. They do invest in these assets in haste, without realizing that these assets cannot be liquefied when one needs them to be. Investing in stocks and properties is a good option, but what when you want to cash them instantly? It isn’t possible. On the other hand, when you want to liquefy gold, you can do it anytime and anywhere. Moreover, stocks lose value over time; gold is more likely to increase in value with time. Real estate prices may also increase, but with time, people wish less to invest in properties that are older. And, you can’t carry around your real estate property to sell away. Its value also increases or decreases depending upon the current value of location. But, gold is valuable everywhere and can be carried to every big and small village or town to be sold hand-to-hand. This makes gold the best option to invest in, which can be liquefied whenever required at the best price possible, with no degradation in value.

In times of tragedy and war

When there is war, or natural calamity, or even in times of political shifts, gold becomes the most important measure of wealth. Your real estate properties may wash away with floods, or break down by earthquakes, but your gold will remain. You will keep your gold safe with you even when you have to leave your property behind. When people want to run away in times of emergencies, they won’t be carrying their properties with them; they will straightaway go to the lockers to save their gold. Thus, even in the worst situations, gold can always find a way out.

What investment to make?

You should be satisfied enough by now that you must always try to invest your savings in gold first. But, what kind of gold can you invest in? There are a variety of options. You can invest in gold coins, gold bars, gold futures contracts, gold ETFs, or gold jewellery. While all of the above can bring good returns, investing in gold jewellery can be the wisest option, as gold jewellery is only on such element that can beautifully help you invest as well as use the investment at the same time! So, hurry up and walk into Aura Jewels, one of the best jewellery shops in Rajajinagar in Bangalore, to have your gold jewellery customized just as you like it! Here, you can be sure that you are making the best gold purchase .

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