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5G technology has been creating buzz ever since it was first announced to be incoming in particular smartphones. Countries in the west have been at a territorial fight with the Chinese tech giant Huawei over the spread of their respective 5G networks. Recently, Nokia joined the ranks of the company with a safer way to introduce the tech to the masses, bringing relief to the western powers. Amongst these high tension international corporate politics, internet users globally have been making claims about the hazards of the new tech on our bodies and immune systems. These claims are not only unscientific and baseless, but they are also causing unnecessary chaos in an already tension-filled time.

5G does not spread any viruses!

As reiterated by reputed agencies on either side of the Pacific, the new technology is not unsafe for our immune systems. Specifically, they are not the reason for the robust spread of the pandemic, as mentioned in some of these baseless claims. 5G technology aims to provide faster speeds and could power larger technological products like self-driven cars. This would be a giant leap for technology as it struggles to match the hardware with the software and vice versa. AI is the future from what scientific communities can currently predict, and we need to power it accordingly if we want optimum results. The fact that we are progressing so fast in this particular area shows that humans are evolving faster at least in this arena of scientific and technological development. With such huge stakes, there will always be rumors and conspiracies because not everybody understands the complete picture that such advancements have the potential to obtain.

A study done by Oregon State University found no harmful radiation as an effect of 5G technology. Although we need to find out more about the wavelengths that the tech uses, there is no reason to worry from a health standpoint. A postdoctoral fellow at the OSU, Shubham Dasgupta called the radiations, “predominantly benign.” 

The concerns aren’t entirely wrong

The concerns people profess whenever a new technology like 5G is introduced based on several studies done in the past. These studies have shown that radiation frequencies, which are what these different new technologies use, can be potentially carcinogenic. The organizations responsible for categorizing them have not officially classified the RF radiation to be carcinogenic. However, you can point to the WHO’s 2011 report that stated RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” based on research and studies showcased links to a specific type of brain tumor. The agency also proclaimed that the evidence available was limited to this suggestion.

Experts say that although there is some evidence from epidemiological studies to prove electromagnetic radiation’s biological ill-effects, the complete body of evidence isn’t strong enough. So, we’ll have to wait to get more information about whether these radiations are entirely safe for us. As for the conspiracy theorists are concerned, 5G technology is going to be revolutionary for certain parts of the world. We could power way bigger machinery with that much speed. The increased efficiency will be felt widespread as the whole process of digitization becomes faster.

source: https://blogsbin.com/is-5g-safe-for-your-health/

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