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There are two kinds in Honda VARIO motorcycle, namely Honda VARIO 125 ESP CBS motorcycle and Honda VARIO 125 ESP CBS ISS motorcycle. However, the difference from the ISS (Idle Speed Stop System) function is not so obvious. This function will automatically turn off the motor for three minutes. When the throttle lever is pulled up, the motor will turn on again when the red light is on, or stop with the system. The electric motor will be more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

The emergence of the new Honda Vario 125 will intensify the competition between the two major automakers, Honda and Yamaha. Yamaha previously launched the Yamaha Lexi with the same level of 125 cc, and the new Honda Vario 125 will also bring some changes in terms of functions.


The design of the new Vario 125 has also undergone the same changes as the 150 version. Honda seems to offer some differences for this new motorcycle, one of which can be seen in terms of its design, Honda seems to have made some minor changes to the new Honda Vario 125.

This can be seen from Honda’s headlights, which give a lively and elegant impression. It still uses LED lighting technology with future lighting design to provide maximum lighting.

Engine performance

Compared with the many changes made to the Vario 150 (such as the air cleaner box), the engine area of the new Vario 125 obviously has not changed much. Therefore, the power figures remain the same as the old ones, 10.94 hp at 8,500 rpm and 10.8 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. The most noticeable change in the new Vario 125 engine is the new exhaust model, which also Applies to version 150.

In addition, the exhaust at the end of the aluminum muffler is 50 mm shorter than the previous Vario exhaust. The effect of this is that the exhaust tip is not easily hit when the motorcycle is moving or when rewinding the motorcycle. For other engine functions similar to the old Vario 125 eSP, such as the ACG starter, the vibration and sound when starting the motor can be reduced.

However, it can show better performance than the Yamaha Lexi engine, which both have 125 cc capacity. With the addition of variable valve technology (VVA), it has a torque of 11.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm and a power of 11.8 PS at 8,000 rpm.


There are several advantages of the new Honda Vario 125, one of which is ACG Starter. This function is an advanced technology that can produce a unique feeling when the engine is turned on without sound. This technology is a new technology of Honda, and it is likely to be applied to several of Honda’s latest motorcycles.

Another interesting feature is the inertial parking function that has existed in the previous generation. This function is still retained. The inertial parking function itself is a complicated function. When the engine stops for more than 3 seconds, it will automatically stop the engine.

The storage area is still the same as the Vario 125, with 2 drawers on the deck and a hanger in the middle. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 18 liters and can hold a 5.5-liter half-face helmet without pets. In addition, Vario 125 can also provide models without an idle stop system (ISS) function, which can be controlled on the right handlebar panel. However, the variants that do not have the ISS function are Advance Black and Advance White Blue.

In addition, All New Vario 125 with ISS is equipped with a remote control lock with response system function and anti-theft alarm. When the motor vibrates, such as moving or the standard is lowered, the alarm will be turned on, and it is also equipped with a battery of 12V-5Ah battery, and the spark plug will use ND U27EPR-9, NGK CPR9EA-9 type.


Indonesia Astra Honda offers two different price options. Among them, the new Vario 125 CBS is priced at 19.1 million rupees on the road in Jakarta, while the ISS version is more expensive than 800,000 rupees. The price is the price of Jakarta OTR, which can be changed at any time, and please note that the price of On The Road in Jakarta will definitely be different from the actual price in more expensive areas.

In conclusion

If you choose this motorcycle, there is nothing wrong. In addition to its performance and sleek design, the Autofun Honda Vario 125 is also very suitable for use as a “daily motorcycle”. In addition, the Honda Vario can be said to be the king of 125 cc-class automatic motorcycles. Compared with competitors such as Yamaha and Suzuki, the sales of this motorcycle look very good.

In addition, even the price is cheaper than the Honda ISS version. However, as a motorcycle for daily activities, the performance of the new Honda 125 is still very reliable.

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