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Do you often cringe when you enter your home? It is natural if you have a shoe rack placed just at the entrance. And imagine if your guests feel the same way, we know the amount of embarrassment you will be facing then. Well, not just organising the shoes stays an important part of housekeeping but keeping this space free of germs and stale odour is also very significant. But as your shoe rack is stinking, then you are obviously lacking in this task.

Important Tips to Keep Your Shoe Racks Clean and Your Home Odourless!

We are all aware of the dirt and germs that enter our homes along with our shoes. And all these get transferred to your shoe rack and eventually your entire home if you aren’t cleaning it regularly. So, let’s help you neatly sort your shoe rack and keep it germ free and odourless:

  • Select a well aired shoe rack — The basic criterion of a well-maintained shoe rack is an open or well aired space. Choose one that has enough compartments for all the footwear.
  • Get the shoe rack cleaned thoroughly at least once in a month — A nice smelling and clean shoe rack requires thorough and deep cleaning very frequently. You should schedule one when you are having your session of domestic cleaning by Clean Advice workers. They carry out a detailed cleaning of your entire home and will even help you get your shoe racks tidied up nicely.
  • Don’t store freshly worn shoes — If you are just back from outside, then don’t store the shoes immediately in the rack. It requires to be kept in an airy space to let the smell (and sweat!) evaporate from it.
  • Keep door mats at your entrance — Door mat at your entrance ensures that the dirt from your footwear gets wiped away in those mats and doesn’t get stored along with the shoes in the rack.
  • Keep spraying perfumed disinfectant to keep the space clean and fresh smelling — Once in a few days do spray a nice smelling disinfectant in your shoe rack so that the space feels fresh.
  • Do sort the shoes according to the needs and requirements — Sometimes your shoes are very clean, but they smell because you aren’t using them much. Like leather shoes do start stinking because of moisture. So, clean and neatly pack the shoes that aren’t of much use to you in a sealed plastic bag or box so that they don’t get spoilt or create smell in the rack. You can also keep the ones that you regularly wear on open shelves, and others tucked behind so that the shoe rack is well managed.

If you want your home to be free of rotten smelling shoes and your shoe rack to look neat, then do follow the above listed easy steps! We are sure you won’t ever complain of these issues ever again in your life.

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