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Isuzu Panter is a legendary multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in Indonesia. The reason why it is legendary is that the car was first developed and produced exclusively in Indonesia in 1991. What’s more interesting is that the design of this car has not changed much from the past to the present, and it still occupies the Indonesian market. The current price of this car is IDR 343 million. So, what is the secret of this evergreen car?

Isuzu Panter  is a compact MPV that has been on sale since 1991. The second generation was launched on the market on September 6, 2000. Isuzu Panter ’s MPV Segment C products are produced at the Isuzu plant in Sante, north Jakarta. The impression of the king of diesel cannot be distinguished from Isuzu, which can be seen from the diesel engine used by Isuzu Panter . The four variants of Panther get the 4JA1 DI 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, which is known for its toughness on Indonesian roads.

Advantages of Isuzu Panter

1. Old-fashioned Diesel Engine

Unlike most MPV cars, Panther has maintained its position of continuing to use diesel engines. This is the main advantage of this car. Isuzu Panter is therefore known as the king of diesel. The advantage of using a diesel engine is its large torque.

The Isuzu Panter  engine has a 2.5-liter turbocharged capacity, which can provide 80 PS at 3500 rpm and a peak torque of 191 Nm at 1800 rpm. Indeed, compared with other cheaper MPVs, it does not have many functions. But the torque is even larger than Toyota Innova Diesel 2.4L.

Not only can it provide reliable high torque on steep slopes, but it is also very strong.Isuzu Panter ‘s engine maintenance is relatively easy. In addition, the engine uses turbocharging technology to provide relatively economical fuel consumption.

2. size

Another advantage of this car is its large size. The size of the Isuzu Panter is 4,535 mm in length, 1,770 mm in width and 1,920 mm in height. It is not the largest of its kind. But this size is enough to comfortably accommodate a 7-seater cabin.

3.Leather seat

The interior of the Isuzu Panter is by no means luxurious. But, at least to support the comfort of its cabin passengers, Isuzu covered the seats, steering wheel and center console of the most expensive Isuzu Panter  variant with leather materials. In addition to being more comfortable, this leather interior is also easier to clean when exposed to liquid leakage. Under this variant, the seat is still covered with a combination of leather and vinyl.

4. Roof monitor

As a very old car, the Isuzu Panter is not equipped with rich entertainment features. However, Isuzu is still committed to providing maximum service to the occupants of the Panther cabin. For example, the highest version of the host is indeed still a single DIN. But there is a monitor screen for DVD playback on the roof. There is also a subwoofer, which adds a solemn atmosphere when the rear passengers watch the movie.

5. Parking camera

Although Isuzu Panter cannot install a touch screen multimedia system on its dashboard. But this car produced a new bright spot, placing the monitoring screen of the reversing camera in the middle mirror. This feature brings great convenience to users when parking, making Isuzu Leopard more attractive.

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