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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the greatest anime shows ever made. From animation to voice acting, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was the epitome for edgy kids and teens. One more thing that stands out in the series is the use of Stands and their unique powers. In the series, the key characters possess Stands that help them fight their enemies, and each Stand is unique in its ability and potential. Ranking the most powerful to the least powerful, here are the 10 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stands from strongest to weakest.

Golden Experience Requiem (the strongest Stand)

In the latest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna is the owner of the Golden Experience Requiem, and its powers can reverse anything in the universe, and sometimes it can reverse the universe itself. What makes Golden Experience Requiem the strongest is how the users use the Stand. In the case of Giorno Giovanna, he maneuvers the Stand to defeat King Crimson by making his death repeated throughout eternity. Only God knows what this haunting Stand is capable of because Giorno is yet to find its true potential in the series.

Heaven’s Door (the disturbing Stand)

The famous manga artist Rohan is the Stand owner, and instead of attacking his enemies, Rohan uses the Stand to study its opponents. If Heaven’s Door touches the skin of anything, it can carve out a comic and write or edit anything about his/her life. In other words, Rohan is a walking death note, and if used correctly, Heaven’s Door can alter a person’s reality by carving new memories or erasing the old ones from his/her life.

Hanged Man (the assassin Stand)

At one point in the series, J. Geil’s Hanged Man was the most badass Stand in the Jojo universe. Due to its ability to hide inside reflective surfaces, even Heaven’s Door could have washed off without even touching him. Hanged Man’s ability allows him to hide inside reflective materials like a mirror, water, glass, and even human eyes. But hiding is only one of its abilities because his baseless form allows him to move at the speed of light, and it is only a matter of time before Hanged Man’s rusty knife reaches its opponent’s throat.

Star Platinum (the brute force Stand)

In Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro Kujo’s Star Platinum is the most badass and angry Stand that can beat other Stands into a pulp, and his ability to move at a superhuman speed makes him almost invincible in close-range battles. As Jojo fans already know, Star Platinum takes up the form of its wielder, and Jotaro Kujo’s angry and rowdy behavior makes him the bashful Stand that talks less and slaps more. Also, towards the end of Stardust Crusaders, Star Platinum learns how to freeze time against his fight with the resurrected Dio.

Made In Heaven (the galactic Stand)

Among the very few who can manipulate time and space, Enrico Pucci’s Made In Heaven is the weirdest Stand that can alter reality by making it move at an unnatural speed. According to Enrico, his Stand can manipulate the gravitational force of the earth and change the masses of earthly objects. In the process, Made In Heaven is capable of creating new universes and new realities without anyone’s knowledge. Its power also allows him to manipulate the time of different planets, making him the god of the universe. To visualize its power, Made In Heaven can create the Big Bang 1000 times over.

Hermit Purple (the expensive Stand)

One of Jojo’s funniest yet strongest characters is the owner of Hermit Purple. Joseph Joestar’s Hermit Purple can see into the future by breaking a camera or television. This ability requires Joseph Joestar to carry an antique polaroid camera with him all the time. Whenever he uses his ability to see the future, Joseph runs to the nearest departmental store to buy a new camera. That’s about it! This is all Hermit Purple is capable of and this is the extent of his powers.

Khnum (the shapeshifter Stand)

If Oingo was a smart person, he could have used the Stand for secret missions and assassinations but his childish behavior wasted this Stand with comedic plots and ludicrousness. Khnum is a shapeshifter Stand and it can take the shape of anyone’s face, and even copy their scent. However, Oingo’s clumsiness treats Khnum for sake of making people laugh, which is beautiful in its own way but it is not useful at all. Especially when mindless Oingo is the wielder.

SuperFly (the cheap Stand)

SuperFly might sound almighty but once you look at it, it is the worst Stand in the Jojo universe. And what’s worse than Super Fly you asked? The owner of Super Fly, who, surprisingly, is an alien living the life of solitude near an empty abandoned utility pole. SuperFly’s abilities can create a temporary prison for its users and in the case of the alien, his DIY home is the prison for other users who tries to bug the young homeless martian.

Atum (the overconfident Stand)

Every classroom has an overconfident guy who delivers the most absurd answers in the class. This is the case with Atum, and this Stand works on assuming what the other person thinks and acts on pure assumptions. D’Arby the Younger is the owner of Atum and due to its random ability of ‘Assuming’ what others think, it fails as a Stand and feels unfit for any kind of battle. Image fighting Star Platinum by assuming what it might be thinking!

Tohth (the Stand nobody asked for)

The only thing Tohth exists for is to move the plot forward. In Stardust Crusaders, Tohth makes the first appearance and it is the most absurd thing in the Jojo universe, even by Jojo’s standards. Tohth is a comic book Stand that makes predictions of its readers. There is nothing special about Tohth as even the future-seeking theory is depicted childishly with a rookie writing style. Additionally, it’s hard for the readers to read their future through Tohth as the writing is confusing and doesn’t make any sense to an average reader.


There are so 100+ Stands in the Jojo universe and with every season, new Stands get added to the bizarre set of powerful Stands in the series. Even though these are the most powerful Stands, Purple Haze, King Crimson, and Tusk Act 4 need their own article for their creativity and strength. Additionally, the notorious and mythical, The World Over Heaven is still a mystery and fans are yet to see this alter-ego Stand of the series villain Dio Brando.

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