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We spend a lot of time decorating what we have in our rooms and less time worrying about what we have on our walls. But once you find some lovely prints, you’ll regret that you didn’t decorate your walls earlier. Large wall art can be even more stunning on canvas. These major wall art concepts will elevate your large rooms or blank walls.

Large-scale paintings can be stunning as well, but they can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands or more everywhere.

Fortunately, there are a number of other ways to decorate the walls. We have compiled our favorite inexpensive ideas for large wall art so that you can make beautiful home decor that will soon see you admiring your home in a new light.

The best large wall art ideas

The art of large walls is transformative. It can alter the look and atmosphere of any room due to its scale and look spectacular in various spaces. However, because of its size, if you make the wrong choice with your wall art, the error is compounded, so it is important that when choosing your large or extra-large wall art, you make the right choice!

Large wall art on canvas can also bind the colors in your rooms together and become the subject of your carefully-curated pieces of home decor. It has an effect that brightens a room, adds a variety of moods, or demonstrates your photography skills.

1. Botanic illustrations

The kitchen, mess room, entrance hall, guest quarters, botanic illustrations, or other vintage illustrations are fantastic and make the perfect gift for mom. They are also incredibly distinctive and can be hard to find, making them a fascinating subject for your walls.

2. Oversized photo portraits

Why not do something new instead of the usual family portrait images and go for a stunning, expressive, oversized portrait?

This can be a perfect way to show children’s fun pictures, and you don’t even have to hang them on the walls. Instead, propped on a wide shelf, desk, or even on the floor, they may look amazing.

Large-scale black and white portraits or pictures of family life can be extremely impactful and give a gallery-style feel to your rooms. Alternatively, you can edit the background for more of a vintage or art-deco feel and add a splash of color to the background.

3. Geometric prints

Bold prints will always be trendy, and geometric prints are just as bold as you can get. They will work on our walls just like they work in fashion. Geometric prints are a modern style composed of various shapes that are graphic (and typically colorful).

They’re the best way for a living room, entrance hall or empty space, or even a courtyard, to make a bold statement.

4. Add a touch of nature

More and more, as a respite from our harsh concrete world, we are looking at nature, and we are trying to bring different forms of it to our homes.

The simplest way to do this is for real plants, but there are just so many plants you can look after. So, you can use large wall art to create the illusion of a vibrant space that includes a touch of nature if you don’t.

  • Large wall art featuring scenes of nature may be items such as:
  • Large shots of natural scenery from rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, or mountains
  • Palm prints or more tropical bright prints
  • Seascapes or beach shots
  • Images of seedlings, trees, or plants
  • Your favorite flowers will brighten up a neutral space with plenty of colors, such as cherry blossoms, sunflowers, or classic roses.

5. Use a picture ledge or floating frame

To build an impactful overall piece, add smaller prints on the ledge. To create an interesting, varied look, layer smaller pieces over one another. Overall, without having to compromise on options, this will give you the look of a larger piece.

A range of different styles and colors can look great for this look. The goal is to connect your images with a theme. For a floating frame, some of our favorite large wall art ideas are:

  • Pastel Colors
  • Bright landscapes and photos of vacations
  • Black and white minimal-style images combined with black and white frames, sketches, and quotes
  • Red, black and white colors
  • A cool topic like blues and whites, or blues and greens
  • Minimal pops of graphic prints 

There are so many options; it is up to you to make the decision! In children’s rooms, in the bedroom, in the study or library, or the living room, they look amazing.

6. Abstract artworks

To bring some unique art to a room, a bold abstract artwork can serve. The colors, shapes, and patterns that make up abstract works of art are beautiful, but many shy away from these works of art because they can be costly, especially large canvas wall art. In the living room or dining room, or even hanging over the bed, big abstract prints look fantastic.

7. Series artwork

Pieces from the series are works of art that tell a story. This can be a collection of three large photographs or a large artwork combined with smaller pieces around one or two walls in your home that create a high-impact look.

A series may also be a collection of 12-16 (or more) tiny pieces that make an extra-large wall art look together.

8. Brighten dark walls with light prints

Adding light and plenty of white is the perfect way to brighten a dark room! In the same way that black makes you look slimmer, you can sometimes feel boxed in dark rooms, especially if they are already small.

To brighten up a dark room, large wall art on canvas can be extremely successful.

9. Split a photo

Split pictures can also produce a wonderful high-impact look that will stand out in your home. You get a 3 panel wall art to make it more impactful.

Using split prints, some major wall art ideas are:

  • Landscapes; trees, seascapes, beaches, mountains, fields, or deserts are all excellent choices.
  • Flowers; pick a flower arrangement or a picture of a bunch of flowers.
  • Pictures of family and friends; you do have to be careful with these so that you don’t cut off the body parts of others, but these can produce a really special look that is a little different from the regular family picture

There are no limits on what you can make. Large canvas wall art can really make an impact and can change the whole space’s atmosphere. To have your split canvas customized, you can visit Panel Wall Art today!

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