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Launch your Nail Polish in the Market with fantastic Packaging

Nail polish boxes, like other packaging units, have become much diversified. The boxes which were once required for only protection purposes and were rather simpler looking, now need to have multiple aspects and dimensions. Their appearance needs to be both attractive and optimized for marketing purposes. The farther trait needs to be present for increasing the footfall of the company’s product and giving it an edge over competitors. Marketing, on the other hand, which is arguably also the most important feature of packaging needs to be done for multiple reasons. The brand image creation, attracting customers, and advertising the company are just some of the basic reasons. Additionally, these boxes are also essential to create a reputation and image of the company. Therefore, it can be deduced that this mere structure of cardboard or paperboard can provide all of these benefits.

Cosmetic companies, and in particular nail polish makers, keep searching for the most optimum nail polish boxes. Companies wish to get packaging, which does not substantially increase their expenses while providing aesthetic looks as well as the utmost standards of protection. Let’s discuss a few designs which will make this search of manufacturers substantially easier.

Rigid Packaging 

If you have been searching for high-quality nail polish boxes, then congratulations, your research won’t last long. Rigid packaging is the most premium form of packaging available in the market. These boxes, unlike their rivals, come as it is, in their final form. These packages are very sturdy and made out of the highest quality and thick paperboard or cardboard, and therefore the strength and protection that they provide are undoubtedly unparalleled. Even if they undergo high physical pressures, these boxes are not going to get de-shaped, nor are they going to let any harm reach the bottle inside.

As far as the marketing via rigid boxes is concerned, no alternative comes close to these particular packages. The lavishness and extravagance depicted by this packaging mean that the company can present itself as high quality. This allows for high prices to be charged as well as presenting a company’s unique selling point. These characteristics altogether make them a popular choice amongst nail polish boxes manufacturers.

Kraft Paper Boxes 

Globalization and increased usage of internet subscribers in the world have increased by a great number. This has led to massive information spread on a mass scale. Activists and social organizations have made full use of this quick spread of information and therefore raise their voices regarding different social and environmental issues. Green revolution and shifting towards less polluting materials are two of the changes and campaigns that have been brought about due to social media and the internet.

Capitalists use all of these ongoing changes for their monetary benefit, and in this scenario as well, companies began coming up with boxes that are less polluting. Kraft paper boxes are good choices for this matter. Kraft packaging is not just bio-degradable, which means that it can be naturally decomposed but also be easily recycled. Their designs are such that they can be used in multiple dimensions even after their primary utility is taken. These packages are easily obtainable from nail polish boxes wholesale and that too at very reasonable prices. Moreover, they can be used as custom printed nail polish boxes, which means that logos, slogans, and desired color schemes can be printed onto these packages.

Window Boxes 

Sometimes, going for a rather conventional design in packaging can be beneficial. This is why manufacturers choose window boxes. These traditional boxes have a clear opening in their middle, which allows the customers to peek inside. These packages are very useful to be used as display boxes. Nail polishes themselves are a product that comes in a lot of variations, including color, textures, and designs. Therefore, the customer needs to be able to see the product in real-time before they buy it to be sure that they purchased the right variant. Window boxes can be regarded amongst the best nail polish boxes, as they successfully attract a large number of customers. Moreover, they never fail to impress the customer with the level of security they provide. All parts of these packages are tightly fastened together with strong adhesives. Therefore the chances of the box being damaged are very low. These custom nail polish boxes can also be used to advertise the product and the company, therefore providing an all-in-one opportunity, which fulfills all the requirements of packaging simultaneously.

Gable Boxes 

Though this packaging is not commonly used for storing nail polishes, it can still prove to be a great packaging for this women’s beauty product. Some key points which support this claim include the fact that their design is unique. Cosmetic manufacturers try to attract customers by making them realize that the product which they are selling is different and innovative than the competitors, to back-up their claim, using gable boxes are a possibility. These boxes are equally innovative and guarantee positive feedback from customers. What makes them even preferable is the easy and convenient carrying which these packages offer. Their bag like design makes them very portable and thus can be carried easily by the customer. Another advantage is the fact that these boxes are one of the most affordable nail polish boxes. They can be accessed easily from wholesaler dealers at a price which is very minute compared to the benefit they provide.

The early days of a product, especially the launching period, is not an easy time for the company. Numerous things need to be settled to ensure that the product gets successful. In this condition, when the situation is so tense, packaging needs to be flawless to ensure that the product succeeds in the market. Nail polish manufacturers have to undergo the same unavoidable condition, and in these circumstances, well-designed nail polish boxes can rescue and save the company from a regretful fate.


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