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Launching the Coinbase clone app is the shortcut to capitalize your income

You may be a newbie to the business ground or bored of other businesses. We have an interesting and profitable business idea for you. As we all know, the cryptocurrency exchanges are rapidly expanding and there is a need for more cryptocurrency trading applications.

Here, we will discuss the important features of the Coinbase exchange clone script for your business. Beginning with the security features, the app employs two-factor authentication and an escrow wallet that acts as protection against malicious threats.

Two-factor authentication- Once the user attempts to log in to the app, the app sends a verification code to the user’s mobile. The user will be able to log in only after entering the verification code.

Escrow wallet- What do you think will be the purpose of the escrow wallet? The escrow wallet holds the user’s account and released only when the user agrees to make the transaction.

Live markets- The user can view the market pricing of various cryptocurrencies directly from the application.

Multi-coin support- The app should support different types of cryptocurrencies so that the user can choose the preferred cryptocurrency. The app supports Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Smart contracts- The buyer and the seller can perform transactions without the intervention of third parties. This feature is called a smart contract.


The main concept behind the Coinbase clone website script is to provide a secure medium with the latest features. Launch the app and witness an increase in profits.


Written by Kevin jack

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