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Lose Your Belly Fat Fast With This Single Interval Workout!

Lose Your Belly Fat Interval Workout!

If you are looking for a single hard hitting workout that  Million Dollar Exercise Review  quickly bypasses the “BS” and will get you a substantial amount of results then you have got to engage in kettlebell swings with intervals of 100 yard sprints. To execute this serious cardio workout you have got to have the availability of a single bell of moderate resistance and an open flat field (preferably a football field).

To start this belly fat blasting workout you will want to set the bell down at one end of the field and make sure you have a running distance of about 100 yards marked off. Start by executing a set of kettlebell swings. You can vary this portion any way you wish by either performing double arm swings, single arm swings, or by utilizing swings with bells in each arm. When you execute the swings make sure that your reps are explosive and purposeful. You should also make sure that your form is perfect so that you can the most out of the drill. As soon as you complete the swings then simply drop the bell on the ground and sprint for the 100 yard distance. After completing the run walk back to recover and gear up to execute the following set.



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