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This damn Mut 21 coins become a stupid celebration party because this is stupid features in madden NFL 20 and microtransactions really are the worst since I don’t if Madden NFL 21 will probably be good or not because the frost engine got to go before Madden NFL should overhaul gameplay and I am tired of button beating and using skill adhere since Madden NFL 17,18,19 and 20 don’t have any fucking strategy whatsoever which is not any tactical level of garbage bags at which Madden NFL 20 is going because the frostbite engine doesn’t belong in sports games because the connected franchise is dead since madden NFL 09 did alot better with the adapted difficulty then what Madden NFL 20 is currently.

I hope Madden NFL 21 has more plan into scouting college football players because if Ben Roethlisberger is at Madden NFL 21 I’m placing him on commerce block if madden NFL 21 comes out.Madden NFL 21 may find a new engine since I’m tired of match smashing gameplay significance Madden NFL 21 possibly should go to pure analog rod passing like backbreaker,madden NFL 21 wants to read and react because that attribute hasn’t been there,ben Roethlisberger might have to go on trade block because he’s becoming worst.

I would not even dare to buy Madden NFL 21,in the event the cover athlete is really a dead individual which sean taylor that’s not suitable to get madden NFL 21 after viewing demonic movies because that exact unsuitable for madden NFL 21 cover since I wouldn’t even purchase madden NFL 21 if there’s a dead person the pay because I would not enjoy it at all because I’m done with madden NFL’s bullshit because ea sports is unsuitable with all the madden NFL seres because they had been voted the worst firm in 2012 and 2013,I am likely to rate Madden NFL 20 1 star out of 10 stars and that is review rating.

No, you are simply stating an opinion and a asinine one in that. What”reality” are you wanting to get across here because there isn’t a single one on your post, besides EA being voted a shitty company, only opinions? Putting a dead person on the cover is a financially solid move by EA as it means at least that little amount of the cost you pay for Madden 21 is not wasted on royalties. How about you just stop watching”demonic”, whatever that is supposed to imply, movies should they terrify you so much?

I think that it would tarnish his legacy and make it seem unfair to choose him out of the cover just because he expired. He earned that place. This implies I am done with the crap Madden NFL series since the previous three we are awful with frostbite motor function as button smashing gameplay, so it need to go to pure analog controller passing be animations seem as a ps two mess around the xbox on Madden NFL 20 gameplay and franchise mode was barebones crap and they invest too munch time on ultimate group and mut and cheap Madden 21 coins give us a roster update,really because franchise was the very bare bones crap.

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