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Master Mind Groups For Financial Freedom

I am trying to lose a few pounds (again).I'd put odds on the fact that I'm not the only TheLight Code Review  person in our sleepy burg with such a stated goal. Others are trying things too: stop smoking, be more active, spend more time with their families. As a whole, we TRY many things. The more important question is, “Are we DOING them?”I wish I could remember which wise sage pointed out “trying” is “saying ‘no' with grace.”

A friend lost into your past surprises you by reappearing while you are squeezing cantaloupes at the grocery store. Pre-ordained ceremonial niceties commence, “How are your kids? What's your husband doing these days? Are you still working at the same place?” It's a pleasurable oasis of exchange with someone who used to be close. Yet, after the first few paragraphs, what remains to be said? An awkward silence slithers between you until finally you utter, “Let's get together and catch up. It's been too long.”

She replies warmly, “I'll try and call you next week, OK?””Sounds great,” you say before exchanging air kisses, and continuing on your mission of securing the finest produce. You know she won't call. You know you won't either.She could have said, “No, I'm too busy,” or “No, I'm not interested.” Rather than such bluntness, she replies with the socially approved, milquetoast,”I'll try.”Underlying her intentions was, “No” – delivered with grace.



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Written by Steffan Devin


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