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History of Cake Baking – The First Cake

According to food historians, early Egyptians were first skilled bakers, but would not have even have called it cake, though Roman and Greek history...

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Craving for Cakes – Here’s Why You May

Are you confused about eating cakes and cupcakes? Some studies show the reason not to have dessert is because of sugar content. Buy health...

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The way we consume the morning coffee cause unnecessary harm

With due apologies to all the morning coffee lovers, and stressing on how important it has a healthy breakfast to begin the day –...

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Differences and Similarities of Cocoa and Coffee

Coffee and chocolate are most compared – as it is loved equally for its flavour which tastes extremely alike. So let’s check some of...

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Coffee, the fourth most popular beverage in the world, is immersed in our culture. Our mood can be improved by just the correct amount;...

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