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After registering a game account, instead of entering the game room immediately. You should carefully learn the rules of the game. Study your playing strategy and strategy to find the right gameplay. You should note that, one bullet you shoot, you have less or less some money. So need to see the game play and how to pay, … of the publisher.

Use a small amount and give it a try

If you are new to the ban ca doi thuong game, you should not deposit large sums of money in the first place. Try playing with small money and shoot as many fish as possible. Moreover, this helps you to know how each type of fish corresponds to the amount.

If you have not observed the mechanism of action of fish, you can recharge a lot from the beginning. The psychology of removing the compress can put pressure on you and lead to poor results.

Use sniper tactics

Usually newbies share a common mentality. They often ignore small and concentrated fish and large fish. You should not risk it this way because it can cause you to “lose it”. Use the small angle of the machine to hunt both large and small fish.

Do not rush, shoot slowly one bullet at a time. Each bullet is fired in a different direction. For small fish you only need to shoot one shot to die, for large fish you need 2-3 rounds. Following this fish shooting game trick will save you more ammo. At the same time, plus lots of gold coins.

You should know how to increase ammo when needed

According to the tip of the game shooting fish, should increase bullets when playing because that will bring more profit. You just boldly increase ammunition from 1 to 2 to 3, to 4 to 100. When using the 100th bullet, you will lose a lot of points, but it still has a lot of profit, even can bring about a lot of coins.

Shoot the fish as soon as they get off the table

Due to the player’s setting of the machine, there are fish coming out of the table that will die immediately. Therefore, you need to observe and calculate carefully to be able to shoot immediately but the fish just came out. This method is very simple, but does not take much ammunition, so the coins bring in more and more.

Combine quick and slow firing

You should not focus on fish that have too many people targeting. Focus on shooting on their own fish to save bullets. You use the way to shoot incremental bullets to destroy the big fish. Regular practice to become more proficient will make it easier for you to earn points.

Lurking fish can be ignored

Sometimes you will find some fish lurking under rocks or green moss. If you defeat one of those fish, the initial bounty will increase by 20-30%. That’s why many gamers ignore the swimming fish to focus on the hidden fish.

If you want a quick return on capital, don’t try to focus too much on taking out these fish. Instead you use bullets to aim at another target to earn points faster. In this case, the fish is hiding to reveal ⅔ of its body, swimming at a slow speed. Or the screen does not have many fish so you should focus on shooting them.

Turn off automatic fish shooting

The automatic fish shooting feature is only suitable for inexperienced people. And it is considered a redundant feature in the game. The automatic fish shooting mode will cost you a lot of ammo. Because you just need to switch the angle of the gun and the bullets are released continuously. Sometimes you don’t hit a fish and the money is still quickly deducted.

Shoot the ball tape

At the same time, using ice ball at a fish increases the amount of bullets. The player shoots the first series of bullets against the wall and the second rounds of bullets directly. So while the first shot turned in the opposite direction at the fish. Also at the same time the bullets fired in turn 2 move forward. Increases the probability of fish dying faster. But this trick of playing fish shooting game often costs bullets.

Alternate the guns

Instead of using only the same gun during gameplay. You should regularly change guns and use flexible shooting style. However, you need to calculate exact change times. Determine which gun is suitable for each fish. From there, avoid the cases of misuse and ineffectiveness.

How to shoot single fish you should know

For individual fish it is easy to destroy so you should not shoot big bullets to avoid wastage. The tip of playing fish shooting game to win is to use small and medium bullets. In the case of shooting from 3 to 4 bullets but these fish are not dead, you should not shoot to avoid wastage.

You should choose to shoot fish swarms

While playing, you see a crowded fish, you should use type 2 ammunition and then shoot at the fish continuously from 3 to 5 times. This way, you can destroy as many fishes and still save as desired.

If you have enough ammo you should shoot big fish

The trick of playing Ban ca zui game is that you should determine how to use bullets properly. Accordingly, when you have a significant reserve, you can choose large fish to shoot. At this point you do not need to spend as much time sitting and shooting small fish as when you first started the game. If you use bullets 7 can destroy big fish like sharks, mermaids.

Every time you shoot and kill a fish this big is you

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