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Blogging has been a medium of communication, which is being used by people for over two decades. However, modern innovation is responsible for the outcome of something new, which is called microblogging.

The increasing popularity of photo-centric Instagram has incorporated microblogging onto the social media platform.

Today, the ease of sharing images on Instagram is combined with some elements of blogging, which is the foundation of microblogging.

What Do You Understand By Microblogging?

In simple words, it is the creation of short-form blog posts that are posted along with Instagram photos. These blogs are unlike conventional blogs, which comprise 500-800 words.

These blogs largely focus on conveying important information using short and precise blog-like posts. Recent studies have also mentioned that people read about 20% of the material that brands post.

Therefore, we can understand that short message posts are the way to go. You must know that a combination of information packed with stories and attractive visuals increases the chance of getting the user’s attention.

Use Microblogging On Instagram To Your Marketing Advantage

Did you know? Microblogging has proved to be effective in driving sales and promoting brands by marketers. A combination of relevant visuals with short-form blogs can lure the users into looking at your product.

This kind of blogging is not dedicated to detailed information that creates boredom for readers. Besides, high-quality photos are used along with the blog post, which gives an advantage.

1. Try to be unique and original in your post

Going for generic content might not be a good option for you because users get drawn towards the content, which is unique and different.

While starting with microblogs, make sure you don’t put the same story on every platform. The more unique blogs will be, the more followers will be curious to follow you.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a pinch of personal emotional experience in your business post.

2. Start with the most important information

While starting your microblog, make sure you don’t start with irrelevant information or make it unnecessarily long. The first sentence should be clear enough about what you want to say.

In most cases, the reader must be able to relate to the visuals with the first sentence of the post. Remember, obvious statements can discourage the reader from reading more about your post.

3. Use appropriate tricks and tips

Your microblog must be able to help the readers with the relevant information. Adding personal stories can help in capturing the humane side of Instagram users.

Besides, information such as insider tricks, tutorials on using the product, and details about the product can prove to be very useful. When the readers find the information useful, they will try to explore more about it.

4. Engage the users using comments

Posting a captivating feed is the first thing that you can do to grab the attention of the audience. The next thing is engaging the audience through the comment section.

You can consider asking questions in your caption and ask for opinions. Doing this will make the audience feel valued and useful. When people comment, make sure you reply to them.

Did you know? Instagram algorithms favor those posts that have the highest number of comments. So, if your microblog attracts more comments and engagement, the chances are that your post will be pushed to the top.

5. Consider sharing activities behind the scene

Sharing the photos of your office, the production process, or maybe the renovation process can help your users to get involved with you.

Generally, posts are heavily edited to capture the best side of the business or product. If you are thinking of sharing raw or unedited photos, then you will be able to gain the trust of your audience.

Sharing images will help you in drawing more individuals. You will witness more people on your Instagram page.

6. Don’t forget to incorporate a link in the bio

Adding a link in the bio will direct the users to your website this is how it can also increase traffic to your website. To do this, you need to get finished with the captions first. Lastly, you need to write ‘link in bi.’

This way, the users will be guided to your website. You can even try using a trackable unique URL tool that can help you to monitor the traffic.

The Bottom Line

Microblogging can be seen as a growing trend. These blogs, in combination with captivating visuals, have proved to be effective and fruitful in capturing the attention of the users.

The above tips can help you reach a wide range of audiences easily.

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