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Microsoft Joining Foldable Race with Surface Duo

“Here is a Peek of Surface Duo Features”

Microsoft has announced that it is going to release the devices which can be folded. If you are already aware of that, then you should be expecting the paralleled enhanced user experience. The design of the gadget can be intimidating for you right now, and it may seem futuristic, but it has many other qualities just than the Dual-Screen. Although the Dual-Screen Design can divert you to the showcase of Surface Duo Demo.

According to the recent development in the company and management, they have mentioned that they are now focusing on the Preview system of Notification so that they can attach it to The Surface Duo.

Ability to Get on Top in the Android Notifications

On 26 February, a twitter handle “WalkingCat” had published the video. In the video, you will notice that the feature Peek in the Surface Duo. As the videos go on, you will see the opening of the Gadget Party, and you can catch only a glimpse, how the Notification will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Users don’t have to unfold the device every time they get the calls. The display can be observed even the phone is folded. The video shows how to switch off the phone, which can be a little tricky.

Standard Competitor For the Galaxy Fold’s

As per now, Microsoft has announced only two features of the Surface Duo, one is the 5.6-inch display, which is separated by the hinges provided on the screen. As per the announcement, the second is that there is no other third component in the device to close the device completely.

On the other hand, Galaxy Fold has only a single 7.3 inches screen with the ability to fold the device. When the device is folded, you can use the front screen of 4.6 inches, and this screen can be used for normal daily purposes.

There are some reviewers who are suggesting, “If you consider the capability to reach the highest position of the call or notification is excellent in Microsoft’s Surface Duo than the Samsung Galaxy Fold (in the condition when the device is folded).” Even though the comparison of these kinds of topics is too much far fetched.

On the folded condition, even we only half of the screen, but Samsungs Galaxy Fold allows users to do many tasks such as performing the calculation, searching, and watching videos on apps like YouTube, Prime Videos (mainly all those apps which can run on the spilt-screen mode). But when it comes to the Surface duo, it is unable to perform in this folded condition. In this condition, Duo only can show the Notification, incoming calls, and the messages you just got.

But there can be additional improvements in the Surface Duo in the upcoming time. For those improvements and additional features, you can come back here.

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