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Released in May 2009, Minecraft is a renowned sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. Currently, they have over 130 million active monthly players. The players get to explore a virtual 3D world full of infinite terrain and can discover and earn some incredible raw materials, craft tools, and more to build structures. It offers different gaming modes as well, and based on the gaming mode you choose, you can fight computerized mobs and cooperate with or compete against other players in the same world.

A part of the credit to its popularity goes to the multiplayer gaming mode that allows the players to play with their friends sitting in different parts of the world. Players can play with their friends using the Mojang supported server called Minecraft Realms. Minecraft Realms is the official subscription-based server hosting service that allows the players to create and manage their private servers. Using Realms, players can play minigames temporarily. It is specifically meant for a small group to play a game together. If you don’t want to subscribe to Realms, then you can also use any third-party server, but it has to be powered by the player’s PC. In some cases, players might also have to pay for the services.

You must have realized that the Minecraft Realms is different from a regular Minecraft server. Realms majorly stand out because it can load multiple minigames that are regularly updated to offer better additions to the games. Every Realms owner gets these updates for free. Realms have a vast range of games, adventures, and more.

Minecraft developers have always been looking for new ways to bring out the best in the game from all gaming aspects. This could be why recently, the developers used the Aether Engine to roll out the Nether update. Gamers would know that the Nether is a hell-like area filled with fire, lava, fungus-based vegetation, and other hostile mobs. And, the update is meant to revamp the look of Nether. Using the Aether Engine, developers created reliable support for up to 1,024 players within three days.

It is not new to know that the Minecraft servers often ditch the smooth gameplay and run into issues. Whenever a huge number of players log in and move around from each other, Minecraft servers fail to handle the load, which causes it to render more and more terrain. This further leads to a slowing down the gaming session.

Now, with the involvement of the Aether Engine created by Hadean, developers aim to resolve the issue by creating more server space for reliably handling a large player base. This engine can scale dynamically to match huge workloads, and it can also slow down to free up the resources during smaller loads. Due to this factor, heavily populated areas can also use the same resources as the less populated areas. This type of scaling makes the gameplay experience better and smoother than the action compared to a standard gaming engine.

source: Minecraft Used the Aether Engine to Create a 1,024 Player Server

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