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Momo: The Himalayan Dumplings

Biting right into hot steam Momos in Malviya Nagar, with a lipsmacking, spicy chutney, in the lap of the marvelous mountains are right stuffs dreams are made from. Momos are dumplings belonging to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, as well as the Himalayan states of India. My relationship with the Momos began when I was already having an affair with Darjeeling as well as the regal Himalayas. Today I have a long tale of a very early romance as well as of unleashed memories.

We excitedly waited, as we increased the winding roadways with frequent hair-pin flexes surrounded by the calmness and the strength of the Mountain ranges. If we viewed on the side, the heart avoided a couple of beats to see beyond the roads. I did not risk to. 

However still there was tranquility. That is what the mountains do to me. They stand, they border, they whisper the enormous stamina and the beauty of life. If we were fortunate sufficient, we obtained a driver who would chatter about how he once tried the best momos in Gurgaon as well as joke as well as maintain our minds off the deep nothingness, on both sides of the roadways.

They were skilled to this; they increased as well as down on a daily basis. That we checked out nearly each year and understood the little towns in the process from the little foothill community of Siliguri to Darjeeling, which was way high up, where the clouds will kiss the pink cheeks of the charming little Nepali kids as well as the brushes arms with high trees as well as roofs, did not make us “skilled”. Those couple of hours still made my stomach have a million butterflies– a little fear, a little enjoyment and after that there were Momos.

Momos for me are greater than” food”. They are “wrapped” with love, love, and also memories that are sealed in that little packet; calling; of the mountains, magnificent beauty, innocent great times, roses and also equines, my moms and dads, and also our summertime retreats, times that have actually slipped away past my reach, but I have actually been able to gather all of it and given words to some. When I order from Momo King, with every bite I smell the Himalayas, I remind myself of the unrivaled charm that the little community had to use us, days and also days of joy that maintains me going even now.

Pleating dumplings need a Great Deal Of technique and perseverance. I have actually done an extremely sloppy task this time as well as maintained switching from one form to another. To get them ideal is on my to do checklist now.

One could call Momos the informal national meal of Tibet though you’d be hard pressed to not find the best chicken momos in Delhi.

As located in the Wiki– “Momos were introduced from Han China, as Momo is a loanword from the Chinese mómo, a sort of steamed bun. Momos have actually come to be a standard special in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling area and also Ladakh. They are one of one of the most preferred fast food in Nepal and numerous other South Eastern region inhabited with people of Nepali beginning and also people of hilly origin. They are additionally usual in places with noticeable Nepalese and also Tibetan diaspora, such as Assam, Delhi, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Shillong, Uttarakhand as well as West Bengal”.


Written by Brittany Wolfe

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