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Money Heist is a very famous Spanish heist crime TV series. It has completed four seasons so far and has gained a lot of success among the fans who like to watch shows related to crime and investigation genres. The fifth season of Money Heist is going to be released very soon. The first season of this brilliant TV series was started in the year 2017. Later, Netflix acquired streaming rights, and now it is steaming globally on Netflix.

In the series, Alvaro Morte is playing the role of the Professor and leads two prepared heists – on the Bank of Spain and the other one is on the Royal Mint of Spain. It follows a group of robbers who pull off amazing heists. Money Heist is also known as La Casa de Papel in the Spanish language.

Here is all the detail about those robbers behind the masks, including their real name and backstory.

Sergio Marquina A.K.A. The Professor

The nerdy and the awkward Professor of Money Heist is one of the suspects of the heist planner. Alvaro Morte plays the role of The Professor. Sergio spent most of his childhood in a hospital bed due to his illness. His father was killed when he was robbing a bank. His mother died due to disease. After the death of Sergio’s father, he started to refine the plan of robbing a bank during the rest of his life, which was his father’s dream.

Silene Oliveira A.K.A. Tokyo

The role of Tokyo is played by Ursula Corbero in the famous series Money Heist. Tokyo’s love was shot to death during a robbery of an armored truck. She has suffered a lot because of the loss of her life’s love. Tokyo’s prime agenda was to plant the time bombs during a robbery. Her mother died when the robbery plan for the Royal Mint of Spain was underworking.

Andres De Fonollosa A.K.A. Berlin

The role of Berlin is played by Pedro Alonso in Netflix’s Money Heist. He is a jewel thief and also another fact was revealed at the end of the Money Heist season 2 that Berlin was the older brother of The Professor. He also suffers from a similar disease to his mother. He controls his pain by taking pills and drugs, but unfortunately, he is left with only three years to live. Even though he knows that he does not have much time left to live, but still, he is a daring man and lives like he has nothing to lose.

Agata Jimenez A.K.A Nairobi

The role of Nairobi is played by Alba Flores. She is a former drug dealer. Nairobi has a son named Axel. When he was three years old, Police discovered Nairobi’s stash, and she was sentenced to prison. Later, Axel went to the foster home. According to the Money Heist season 1, Nairobi intended to get rich and take her son, Axel back from the foster home. However, for the betterment of her son, she decided not to take her back from his new home to make him the right person.

Anibal Cortes A.K.A. Rio

The role of Rio is played by Miguel Herran in the Money Heist series. Rio is the youngest member of the team. He is a teenage hacker and extremely smart executor of computer coding. He was recruited in the team by the Professor for his mind-blowing talent with computers. He stepped out in the world of crime by committing cyber attacks. He was an excellent video game player in his childhood.

Here we have discussed some of the robber’s real names and backstories of their life from Netflix’s series Money Heist. We have also concluded that most of the robbers have a backstory and a tragic tale that has forced them to step into the world of crime.

source: https://walcitybase.com/blog/money-heist-character-guide-robbers-real-name-backstory/

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