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In this digital age, everyone owns advanced technological devices, and we cannot help the fact that everyone who has a smartphone and spends hours glued to their screens. Owning a gadget today is a must as it is our easy door to the outside world without ever leaving our homes. But often, as a parent, you can’t help but wonder if your child is going to do anything other than click through apps. You may wonder, is my child addicted to her gadgets? May I persuade them to put their phones down and start other hobbies like reading?

Encouraging children to read has been a problem for as long as there have been children and books. Reading is important not only in education but also in the modern business world, where so much communication takes place digitally, through email and text-based messaging systems. Therefore, the ability to read for understanding and communication effectively is important and needs to be taught at a young age. Beyond that, reading for fun offers a range of advantages for children when they go to school and into adulthood.

Act As Their Role Model

If you find that your child can’t take their devices down, you may have to ask yourself if you’re doing the same thing as well. Are you still on the web, too? Do you check your emails at dinner and answer a lot of messages while you’re on vacation? Children see what you do and follow it, so it’s important that you practice what you’re preaching.

First of all, if you want them to grow the habit of reading books, you should invite them to a reading night. Let them pick a fun book and read it out loud. After that, discuss what they have learned from the story, the moral of the story, and their favorite characters. They’re going to believe that reading is an enjoyable thing. And it’s a hobby that can be enjoyed not just on its own, but also with the whole family.

Surround Your Children With Reading Material

Children with a large set of reading tools in their home rank higher and do better on standardized exams; that is why it is important to start your child’s reading habit by getting a wide variety of interesting books and magazines at her reading level.

Encourage a Wide Variety Of Reading Activities

Make reading a critical part of your children’s lives. Let them read menus, movie names, road signs, game guides, weather forecasts, and other realistic everyday stuff. Always strive to make sure your kids have plenty to read in their spare time.

Let Them Choose What They Want To Read

Your kids are likely to keep reading if they like what they’re reading. Asking them to read what you want them to read makes them feel like reading is a chore. As a consequence, they may hate the whole idea of reading in the first place.

What do your children like to read? Do they want comic books or game guides? Do they like reading articles about the DIY project? Whatever it is, let them choose what they’re going to learn. Doing this will make them enjoy the hobby and definitely get interested in what they’re reading.

Don’t Take Away The Phones As Punishment

You can be tempted to play the part of a stricter parent and take away their phones if they don’t want to read. But note, your children’s phones are the window to the outside world. And just like us, it’s their tool to make you feel close to your mates. Confiscating their phones as punishments can backfire. It can lead to distrust, and your children may fail to open up to you.

You will want to set a strict time limit for using gadgets and a set schedule for when to do other activities such as reading. But don’t forget to go overboard with the punishments. Otherwise, they may begin to resist your rules a lot more.

Make Use Of Gadgets And Creative Apps

Your smartphone or tablet can be used to install helpful reading apps where children can have a secure reading space without parents worried about what could happen online. Parents are able to select what their children can access and how long they can do various activities with timer features.

Enroll Them In Online Reading Program

If your child needs some extra reading support, you may want to suggest online tutoring. While most personal tutors and tutoring companies often end up being very costly, Dicker Reading Program offers an affordable service to help your child progress in reading in an efficient manner. They offer pre k reading and even 7th grade reading tutor. You have the options, so enroll your child today!

Call me Jen Hensey, a writer and blogger of LifeStyleConvo & UrbanHouses, who worked as a full-time content creator. A writer by day and a reader by night.

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