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We all once in our life get to hear that if you have your good health, you have everything and if you do not have it, you have nothing.


Health is the most amazing blessing given to us by God,and we should never take it for granted and always be very grateful for it.


If you have good health, you can enjoy everything that life might come up with, but if you do not have it, then you are not going to enjoy anything in life at all.


You should not just be healthy and happy with it, but you should always motivate other people to have a healthy life too.

We will get to know in this article how you can motivate your family to be healthier and happier.




One of the major things that you can do is to emphasize on is diet. Diet is not just about eating all vegetable and not enjoying anything else.


Diet is basically a good balance between all the nutrients that your body needs. It includes the right amount of proteins,carbs, etc.


Motivate your family to eat what is right for them. Tell them how it is important to maintain a good balance between everything to stay fit.’


Tell them the consequences of what can happen if they will not follow a good pattern of diet. A good diet can save you from different diseases like heart problems, erectile dysfunctionliver problems etc.


If you start it from a good diet, then you will eventually start following all the right directions that reach towards the destination of being healthy.


So, always try to make them follow good and healthy diets so that they can gradually reach their desired destination.


Portion size:


One of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we focus on eating healthy, but we totally forget about how important it is to have the right portion size.


What some people do is they will eat healthily, but they will eat too much of it. It will never help them in doing what they need to do.


So, not just tell the people around you how important it is to eat healthily but also let them know how important it is to maintain a good portion.


Always eat everything in the right size, know what the best portion size for you is to eat and go rock it. Maintain the right balance between the proteins, carbs, and all other nutrients to keep it healthy and safe for your body.




There are a lot of people in your family who do not do the importance of healthy foods. They might also not know what food contains what.


So, it is essential that you tell them what fruit contains what nutrient and how it is beneficial for their body.


When they know what is good for them and what is not,they will decide the food and what diet do they need to follow themselves.


Always guide them in all the aspects that are important for them to know so that it does not become difficult for them, and solves all their problems.


Take it slow:


One more thing that everyone reading this article needs to know is that there is nothing that just happens right away. It would be best if you always took it slowly and gradually.


For instance, if there is a person who eats only junk and you ask them to switch all of it to fruits and vegetables suddenly, then know already that it is never happening.


What you need to do is, tell them that if they eat junk thrice a day, then make it twice, if they have it twice a day then take it to one time in a day.


This way, they will be able to follow the right path and will leave it after some point. Make them switch it slowly so that they get habitual to it.


Never rush any process because if you rush it, you will not be able to do it. Understand the importance of timing.


Show them:


Well, we know that if we keep telling someone a thing and do not follow it ourselves, then there is no point because they will not do it either.

If you want someone to do something, then you first need to show them how it is done. If you keep eating burgers every day and tell your family to eat fruits, then they are only going to laugh at you.


So, if you want someone to do anything always do it first because people do not follow what they are told, they follow what they see.


Always be a role model for people because that is exactly how you are going to change them.

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