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You, like all of us, must be working from home. However, have you paid attention to how you look in the video conferences? Are you laid back enough to not care? I am sure you care about your work, but as you are at home, you may not be taking your appearance seriously.

Be it a real meeting or a virtual meeting, being presentable does matter. It doesn’t even cost you much; you just have to tweak around a few things. It doesn’t matter if you are using Webex, Skype, and Zoom for work, these tricks work on everything.

Here are some gears you must-have for online meetings.


After the lockdown was imposed on most countries in March, virtual meetings started to happen, and people who cared about looking good in virtual meetings began searching for better webcams to boost their online appearance.

An external webcam called Logitech C920 full HD external webcam started becoming sold out everywhere. It costs less than $150. You can check it out on Amazon.

Suppose you find it, then good. Go for it. If it is unfortunately out of stock, you can search for other Logitech webcams that are equally efficient.

If you find nothing that suits you, you can go for a tripod stand. It will help your phone not to wobble during an online meeting and will increase the quality of your appearance at virtual conferences.


It does not matter if you are looking professional, when your voice isn’t clear or when there is too much background noise, your colleagues will get irked.

So, you need a microphone that can maintain the continuity in the flow of conversation and can prevent you from going- “Hello? Are you able to hear me? Is my voice clear?”

Nobody likes this type of interruption, neither the talker and nor the listener. The crux of the problem might lie in your desktop microphone. Perhaps, it is high time to look forward to changing that.

The Blue Yeti USB model might just solve your problem. It has easy to understand controls and does not contain any unnecessary technical features that you might not need to increase the quality of your voice during conference calls.


Perfect lighting can accentuate the quality of your webcam.  However, you don’t need to become a filmmaker with this.  Just have a stable lightening behind your camera so that a constant luminosity falls on you and shows you in contrast with your surroundings.

Don’t Engage Your Laptop With Everything

You do not like any pop-up interruption during interviews. Do you? It is advisable not to engage in any other activity on your laptop while you are communicating something very important to someone. You would agree with it, but sometimes you cannot help it as there is always something happening on the Laptop if you keep so many tabs on.

Laptop Processor

If you are using a Windows laptop of the older version, then you must have noticed that it is much challenging to multitask in that. It also heats your laptop because multiple megabytes of data is getting transferred every second.

It is recommended to change the processor of the laptop and its Ram because as you climb higher in the ladder of success, it will become increasingly difficult for you to just sit in a meeting for two hours without paying attention to your mailbox.


We do not know how long we will be at home managing our careers, but we should be able to adapt to the changing times. Whether we want it or not, the pandemic has become a part of our lives, so we must find a way to deal with it.

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