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There are several Shonen anime and manga that have managed to gain worldwide popularity in the last two decades. Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood comes to mind, and many others that have managed to garner a lot of success. In the last few years, another manga that has already got an anime adaptation has taken anyone by surprise and has gained millions of fans in a very short period. My Hero Academia because of its worldwide success, has the potential to stir up public opinion. Recently it was trending on Twitter, and it seems that one of its prominent characters has something big coming his way. Although the reports are contradicting, they are getting the fans excited over the next chapter of the manga that will be released soon.

In chapter 284 of the manga My Hero Academia, the fight has finally entered a critical stage as the pro-heroes confront Shigaraki, who is hell-bent on achieving what he wants. The monsters unleashed by him and his team of villains have devastated entire cities as chaos ensues. Even the pro-heroes had no answer to the torture they were subjected to as the villains proved too good. The top-heroes also seemed helpless as they struggled with Shigaraki, who alone could handle several Heroes effortlessly. Izuku has been using his full-powered attacks on the villain, but it appears to have little effect. He soon realizes something quite frightening. It seems that Tomura Shigaraki has gotten used to Izuku’s full-powered attacks as he easily maneuvers them.

 Since Shigaraki has gained some sort of resistance to Izuku’s attacks, the fights seem to be tilted in favor of villains. If the fights continue for long, there is the possibility that the villains might get the upper hand as the heroes will exhaust themselves. Even Izuku realizes this when he points out that Shigaraki is adapted to his 100 percent attacks and can easily take hits. However, his attacks seem to be negatively affecting the healing capability of Shigaraki. The villain appears to be healing much slowly, and even his wounds are not completely healed after the healing process, as signs of damage on his body are quite obvious. It has been the only good thing that has come out of the fight as heroes’ struggle to put an end to the chaos started by villains.

 However, Izuku has realized that he won’t be able to continue fighting for long; he has already lost control over the Black Whip, which he has used to bound Shigaraki for so long. He also knows that he is nearing his limits, and even after putting 100 percent into his attacks, he is not causing significant damage to his adversary. Since he has already wrecked his arms in the last two attacks, he doesn’t seem to have many options other than going for a full-powered attack. Chapter 284 ended on a cliffhanger as All Might’s successor was about to unleash one last attack on the villain in the hope that he might finally hurt him. Without caring about the consequences, Izuku is going for an all-out attack with his arms wreaked, which doesn’t seem like a wise thing to do.

Shigaraki may be able to withstand even this final attack by Deku. There is too much on the line, and Deku is potentially putting his life at risk; it appears that he will hurt himself to the point that he will no longer be able to fight in chapter 285. This will mean that someone will have to take Deku’s role and fight Shigaraki while he recovers in the meantime. Many speculations are floating around on twitter about several possibilities that can be expected from the upcoming chapter. One of those points that Bakugo might put his life on the line to save Deku might remind the fans about season 1 when Deku did the same for Bakugo. There is a reference to that incident as it is being said that Bakugo’s body moved on its own when he saw Deku in harm’s way. This is precisely what happened in season 1 as well, and it captures the character development of Bakugo, who once used to concern himself with others’ well being rarely.

There is also a much depressing rumor that Bakugo might die in chapter 285, which has already enraged some fans. However, this seems highly unlikely since Bakugo is a prominent character who is bound to play a crucial role later. Furthermore, his death doesn’t make sense since the manga has been giving a lot of time to his character recently and giving an in-depth analysis of his actions. Bakugo has even been portrayed as the protector of Deku, so his role seems to be very important for the storyline, and therefore the rumors don’t make a strong case for Bakugo’s sudden death.   

Chapter 285 of My Hero Academia is already hyped because of the recent twitter trend; it seems that fans are incredibly excited for the next chapter of the manga. The manga enjoys a huge fanbase, and the hype is only going to add to the upcoming chapter’s success. Fans will look forward to getting the answers to so many questions finally, and whether Bakugo emerges as a savior for Deku or ends up dead will also be answered. The next chapter will be crucial since it will become clear who has the upper hand in the epic battle between the heroes and villains. Shigaraki may be very strong, but he is not invincible, and Deku is the type of Hero to never give up until he gets what he wants.

source: My Hero Academia: The Upcoming Chapter

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