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 Master of taijutsu, the green spandex wearing shinobi, Might Guy is a beast who Madara considered to be the strongest shinobi of all. He is known for his resilience and had fought fights almost on the brink of death. It is this persistence and recklessness that makes him a legendary shinobi in the world of Naruto. His father, Might Duy, was also well-known but for exactly opposite reasons. It was his lack of skill with genjutsu and ninjutsu that got him insultingly dubbed the Eternal Genin. However, Duy was not bothered by how people perceived him and was instead grateful for being known by almost everyone in the Lead Village.

When Might Guy was enrolled in the Ninja Academy, he was quite like his father. He had no skills and was underconfident. It appeared that he, too, would end up just like his father, but Duy was not perturbed by the challenges. He encouraged his son to work harder and dedicate himself to training. It was his father’s belief and faith in his younger days that made a world of difference later in Might Guy’s life.

Since the entire village looked down on Duy, it made Guy upset a lot of times. He would even fight with people who made fun of his father. However, Duy convinced him not to waste his time and energy on negativity instead of focusing on defending what truly mattered. He took his father’s advice seriously and dedicated himself to the mastery of taijutsu. When Duy realized that his son was finally ready, he taught him Eight Inner Gates, a technique he had developed in 20 years. Interestingly, this is the same technique that he used to save Guy’s teammates at the cost of his own life from the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist. 

Guy also taught himself to open the Gate of Death and all the chakra gate limiters, which made him immensely powerful. When Madara fought with him, he realized that it was almost impossible to surpass him in physical strength. Moreover, he could also open all Eight Gates, which was too tricky for any shinobi. Whoever opens the Eight Gates is rewarded with enhanced mental and physical abilities, which gives them immense potential. 

Opening each Eight Gates is no easy feat in itself. It requires physical endurance and the ability to withstand significant damage to the body. Only with a lot of training and practice did Guy physically prepare himself for opening the gates for long periods. Anyone who attempts to do it without the right training will probably suffer from extreme physical pain. Even if some shinobi might open up to seven gates somehow, the eighth gate is immensely painful to open and would break even the best ones. Even though he sustained some serious injuries during the war, he worked on his disabilities and came back just as strong, which is a testament to his mind’s strength. 

Although Guy might seem strange and eccentric, he has strengths and powers that very few exhibits. Apart from his mastery over taijutsu, he also knows how to dispel genjutsu. He is also very well trained with ninja tools, so it won’t be wrong to call him a weapons specialist. So, when one looks at Might Guy, one should not underestimate his abilities because he is the son of Might Duy. Early in his life, his father’s influence inspired him to become the legendary shinobi he is famous for. 

Source-Naruto: What Makes Might Guy Special

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