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Would you like to see now this summer routine actually happens on like really like sort of productive days like i mentioned earlier um i do have my productive days but i also have my extremely lazy days so a lot of you guys always mentioned that oh when i see dimesha being all pumice stone productive i feel really bad girl don’t because you are allowed to feel lazy you are allowed to feel not very product you are allowed to feel lazy you are allowed to feel?

Use A Pumice Stone To Debride A Foot Callus

All the emotions if you allow yourself to be happy feel productive you are also supposed to allow yourself to feel miserable and sad you know what they say there’s no rainbow without rain and trust me something i have noticed is that when i have a productive day after having not very productive days i feel so much better and you know that feeling of renewing yourself and that feeling of actually being able to pick yourself up is a really beautiful feeling so don’t feel ashamed don’t feel bad if you have a few bad days don’t feel bad if you have a few bad weeks but here’s the thing don’t let it control you one thing you gotta keep in mind is never let anything control you you need to be in control of everything and yeah i’m done preaching i’m done motivating and inspiring you guys you know what in the pumice stone.

Natural Callus Remover By Pumic Stone

 On very popular requests from a lot of you i’ve put together an affordable and also an effective skincare kit for teenagers and also for beginners a lot of you who are teenagers ask me for an easy to do skincare routine something that’s effective and affordable as well so here it is a lot of pumice stone products in this video are my personal favorites as well i’ve tried to pick up products that will work on various different skin types and like i said some of my personal favorites being thrown into this kit it’s only a very easy five-step skincare routine that i’ve put together for teenagers if you’re new here make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and you’ve also hit the notification bell do also follow me on my instagram account and now without further ado let’s dive right into this video the first product in any skincare routine is to use a good effective and a non-stripping face wash for teenagers there’s one particular face wash that i personally feel is absolutely amazing and perfect in many ways it’s a personal favorite product what i’m referring to is the simple refreshing facial wash this is a color and a fragrance free pumice stone product which makes it even more perfect for teenagers because you have young skin you don’t want to strip your skin at that age not just that i like the fact that this face wash forms really well so if you have acne prone skin if you think that you have clogged walls this is the one to go for it’s a gentle formulation simple formulation and the way this is formulated it works very well with the natural ecosystem of this skin some of the ingredients that i have listed in front of me that i want to highlight this has vitamin

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