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The world of jewelry is filled with necklaces Gemstones enhance the look of the entire jewellery. Whether you get gold or silver jewellery made, adding even a single gemstone can enhance its entire appearance. You may use natural stones or man-made ones, the choice is yours, but remember both these gemstones have a very different appearance and characteristics. Let us read about the differences between natural and man-made gemstones, so that you can make an informed decision as to what to buy.

Natural gemstones

Natural gemstones are formed in nature with no alterations done by humans, other than being mined, cut, faceted, and polished. There is no kind of treatment or enhancement done to the gemstone. Mining and cutting to the required shape and size is normal, and the gemstone is still considered natural, because you can’t do without that. Although faceting is also categorized under a natural gemstone, but today’s trends use unfaceted gemstones to have a more natural looking rough stone that looks unique.

Note – Remember, a genuine gemstone is not a natural gemstone. If you walk into a jewellery store and they tell you that the gemstone is genuine, it definitely means that the gemstone is real, but it isn’t 100% natural. Instead, a genuine gemstone is one that is real, but treated in some way or another to enhance its cut or appearance. These may also be referred to as enhanced or treated stones. The stones are treated or enhanced to work on their discolouration/cracks/inclusions, and fix them.

Man-made gemstones

Man-made gemstones are those that are created in laboratories. These stones are also referred to as artificial, synthetic, lab-grown, lab-created, or created gemstones. Most man-made gemstones have the exact same chemical composition as natural gemstones, but they aren’t natural.

Note – Simulated gemstones are different from man-made gemstones. While man-made gemstones have the same chemical compositions and properties, simulated gemstones do not. They are thus imitation or fake stones that are intended to only look like the real counterpart. Now, just because they are named as “fake”, that doesn’t mean that they are intended to deceive; they are in fact specially used for those who want gemstone studded jewellery, but at a lower price. They just want the jewellery to look beautiful, but can’t afford the real costs of real gemstone jewellery.

Natural or man-made – Which should you choose?

No one but you can decide as to which kind of gemstone you should use. The choice entirely depends upon your own personal choice. If you love real and can afford the costs, you can always opt for real natural gemstones to be fit into your jewellery. However, if you have a lower budget, you can always opt for look-alike man-made gemstones. Also, if you love a more even colour with no visible flaws, man-made gemstones are for you, because natural gemstones don’t have an evenly distributed colour, and may also have certain flaws; thus, can’t give a “perfect” appearance.

No matter what gemstone you choose, you can always walk into Aura Jewels to get your best gold jewellery in Bangalore made. Here, you can easily customize your jewellery with your own designs, and your own choice of colours and gemstones; thus having all your desires satisfied. Also, you can choose to wear the gemstone that matches your zodiac sign!

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