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According to mythology, the goddess Aphrodite of love was known for her own preparations and the formulated ointments she gives her lovers to increase their sexual potency. This is the reason why today we are calling all stimulating elixirs as aphrodisiacs. Today men are not so lucky and we recommend that you read this article made for men who live in big cities. Without a doubt, the best aphrodisiacs are Sun systems, a good sleep and fresh air. Good sleep is necessary for the body to increase its energy and revitalize its hormones. Sunlight is a powerful doping for our body including sex hormones. The main reason for men’s vitality on sunny days is because he is relaxed and in fresh air. But on cloudy autumn days some natural reinforcements can go a long way.

The magic power of food:

Basil, cloves, ginger, onion, tomato, radish, celery, egg, carrot, red pepper, oatmeal, asparagus, fresh onion, chestnut, hazelnut, pistachio, coconut, cucumber, oysters, caviar are the main foods to improve your sexual potency. Having your selections on the weekly menu would be a good choice. Especially foods that contain vitamin E, such as pistachio, almond, hazelnut, and walnut are natural drugs for erectile impotence disorders.

Red is good for men’s vitality:

When we say aphrodisiacs we generally mean drugs for men, since they must be active in sexual relations. In other words, for a successful sexual relationship you must be awakened and lifted up. For a man with red skin, color is important for vigor. In astrology, Mars represents man and his sexual power, and the symbol for Mars is the color red. Therefore, food and drinks are red and recommended for man’s arousal. For example, red pepper, red ginseng…

A man who is always dressed in pale, pastel, or dark colors can get fewer arousals. Perhaps this is the reason for the use of red lights, red goods, red bed sheets … to create an erotic atmosphere. Red coral or ruby stone are also good for increasing man’s energy.

Women who feel less sexually active can also benefit from red and pebbles. However, the most important aphrodisiacs for a woman is the love and affection that are added when making love. As a vegetable aphrodisiac, vitamins are very useful for a satisfying sex life. Vitamin E especially is vital for men. In addition to the pills that you can get from vitamin E, you can also get them through natural foods and especially hazelnut, which contains many minerals and essential fatty acids. To overcome fatigue syndrome due to modern and high-tech life, vitamin B is also essential. InstaHard Review

Avoid depression:

Remember that behind many sexual problems, hormonal and nutritional disorders, strong depressions can exist. Furthermore, after severe depression or an eating disorder only a treatment of natural mixtures may not be sufficient, in these cases the help of a psychiatrist (sexologist) or nutrition expert is needed.

Heavy training can be harmful:

For a healthy sex life, a good and not exhausting training program is as important as vegetable aphrodisiacs. A regular light exercise program will balance metabolism and the hormonal system to stay sexually active. But be careful with intense and exhausting training programs, because an extra of low-fat foods can cause a decrease in performance.

Yoga, meditation and many other positive energy techniques are recommended to purify your brain against stress and support sexual energy. Correct breathing exercises are also important for a satisfying sex life. If you insist on doing heavy training please pay special attention to regular and healthy nutrition.


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