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The fifth addition to the Shiren the Wanderer series, Shiren The Wanderer 5: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is a role-playing game published by Chunsoft. The expanded version by the same name was launched in 2015 for PlayStation Vita. It debuted in North America and Europe later next year. Now after four relatively successful years, it is all set to release in 2020 featuring additional dungeons for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. The role-playing game will retain the retro charm of the original game and include tons of new features.


The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is a role-playing game in which the players have to fight the monster as they transverse dungeons. The dungeons are all full of items such as treasures and equipment that they can use or collect. However, if the player dies, they end up losing all the items that they have collected, the dungeons change, the level is reset and the monster also moves from its position to a newer one. The day and night system are also an exciting addition to the game and the vision of the player’s decreases in the night, making it difficult to see. 

The new game is going to be released on the 2nd of December 2020. Several features have been added in the more recent version to make the game much more engrossing.

New Dungeons – The latest version will also have three additional dungeons, one of those dungeons will have no weapon drops, which means that one has to look for other ways to survive.

Garden of Destiny – If one defeats a Monster in a smaller number of attacks, one gains a significant experience increase while the longer one takes the less experience one earns.

Bladeless Wasteland – Since there are no weapons that can be used for significant damage, the players have to adjust and adapt to the conditions that they find themself in. As physical attacks usually don’t create much of an impact so it’s best to use rocks, arrows and other attacks that can be done from a long distance to avoid damage.

 Additional new features 

Music Collection – You can now enjoy any melody that you might have heard during one of your adventures anytime you wish using the music collection. 

Live Action – Now you have an option to stream as well. The feature will display equipment, items, abilities, turns spent in the dungeon, gameplay time which you can use for live streaming.

Wanderer Rescue – If you collapse in a dungeon, you don’t have to worry much since now you can ask for help from other players.

Global Ranking – The top scores will be tracked, and all the adventure will go global.

The most exciting feature for the players at present seems to be the Wanderer Rescue System because of its loot saving potential. With the new content soon to hit PC and Nintendo Switch version the players are excited as the latest additions to the game seem quite intriguing. When the game is released, then we will get a much clearer picture of how many people are genuinely excited for the much-anticipated game. 

source: New Features in Shiren the Wanderer

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