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Want to host a fundraiser? Instagram just made it easy for you

All of us have a secret angel within us who wants to help people build a better life. Believe it or not, no matter what the situation is, the world will never go out of givers. It is you, the givers, who make the world a bearable place to live. Yet, the nonprofits beg to differ. Despite the million givers in the world, Nonprofits are barely scraping by.

Instagram was very thoughtful when it decided to solve the issue. A true amalgamation of coolness and cause, the fundraising feature provided by Insta through its live stories has made it easier for NPO’s to breathe. Do you want to fundraise for a cause? A new solution is up. Go LIVE on Insta, select the organization you wish to fundraise for, ask your followers for funds, and count on your good deeds. All the money will flow to the NPO; not even Instagram can claim this amount.

What’s more? You can actually see who is donating what amount during the LIVE show. So, don’t forget to wave at the kindest contributor.

Why and How You Can Host a Fundraiser on Instagram?

While most countries of the world are working from home, networking sites like Instagram and Facebook are having a time of their lives. Content creators and Influencers are running out of topics, and are thus moving to the never-too-common Instagram Live streaming. Can you name an influencer who hasn’t gone Live in the past few weeks?

Over the past few days, Instagram saw a fantastic 70% rise in Live streaming. Out of all the sessions, music shows, and poetry battles, there were many who did fundraise for NPOs, but, without any easy-to-go feature. Instagram made use of the opportunity and resorted to making the process easier.

On 28th April, the company made presented its fundraising feature through Live Streaming wherein generous influencers can host a live stream, ask for funds, and share it with the NPOs. You can select any from a million Non-Profits listed in the options. To aid this, it also provides them with a fundraising sticker. Charity made simple.

TikTok, too thought of this idea precisely a day before and supported fundraisings. However, the nonprofit options given by the app are relatively limited. Facebook, too wants to jump in here. It also supported the fundraising live streaming. Also, it brought back its “Live with” option, too, making it easier for two individuals to fundraise together.

How to go about it

Going Live on Instagram is a cakewalk.

  • Simply click on the camera icon on the top left corner of your screen. It’s effortless to spot.
  • Now, scroll to LIVE. Yes, it’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, go for the fundraising option and select the Nonprofit you want to aid.
  • You will be able to view the number of viewers at the top of your screen. Notice how many are contributing.
  • You can also keep track of how much money each contributor is donating. Just a kind thought; no contribution is too small.

You can appraise any of the contributors you want. Or simply, wave at them.

 What’s “Oh So Special?”

The recently launched fundraising feature on Instagram live streaming is an immensely pensive move. It will not only provide an ease factor to the generous gentry but will also help millions of Nonprofits boom with increased funds. The fact that Instagram cuts no money out of the total amount collected also ensures credibility in donations.

Not a hundred but millions of authorized nonprofit organizations can be benefitted through the move. A list of such organizations is presented as options for the hosts.

Also, the names of the contributors flash on the screen of the host. How else could you define ease?

Choosing one from the many particular facts is difficult. Nevertheless, as an add-on, a special sticker is provided to the host to conduct the fundraising stream. What’s even more captivating is the fact that once you donate an amount, you unlock the new “I donated” sticker. The purpose is to raise awareness for the cause and to make donors feel appreciated. It automatically makes you feel proud!

 The Final Note

The move by Instagram is undoubtedly a success mantra for all 3; Instagram, influencers, and the nonprofits. With a vast population of fans moving towards Live streaming, it was the perfect timing for the company to launch this feature. The good news is that influencers like Tori Kelly and Lisa Rinna have already decided to go for fundraising Live streaming. Let’s hope for the best for these exciting influencers.

Source  :-  https://rawebroot.com/now-anyone-can-host-fundraisers-on-instagram/

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