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One of the 2018 games ‘Among Us’ has emerged as the ideal game during the pandemic. The lockdown situation bought a lot of time for every individual to go social, play games, perform activities, etc. Therefore, the majority of the people have discovered games they had never played.

‘Among Us’ is one of the online social deduction games released in 2018, and developed by an American game studio. It is a multiplayer game that revolves around solving a murder mystery that partitions the players into crewmates of a spaceship and aliens personating humans. Interestingly, the players of the game do not get to know who the aliens are until or unless they start killing your fellow-crewmates. Your role in the game is to kick the aliens out and complete the tasks around the map to win. On the other hand, the imposter aims to kill the crewmates before they complete all the tasks.

Are you looking for more social deduction games to play with your friends online? Here are some of the best suggestions if you’re keen to play the games similar to ‘Among us.’

Town of Salem

‘Town of Salem’ is an online multiplayer game developed by Indie Game, released in 2014. The game focuses on simple settings where the players are split into Townspeople, Mafia, and Neutrals. To win the game, the town members must capture the criminals during the daytime. Not only this, but it has to be done before the mafia kills everyone during the night time.

Interestingly, the game offers 49 unique roles and a lot of different conditions to win the game. Also, if you want to play the game with your friends, you can invite them for the same and conduct a private game for up to 15 players.

Secret Hitler

‘Secret Hitler’ is a game released in 2016 in which every player has a hidden identity. The players are by default divided into two groups: The Liberals (blue) and The Fascists (red). To win the game, both parties must follow and enact the policies, respectively. For instance, if you’re playing the role of a Liberal, you must fight to bring up more policies that favor Liberals. If you’ve got a team to play along, the game allows you to conduct a private match with five to ten people.


The above-mentioned games seem to be easy and family-friendly; however, ‘Deceit’ is the opposite of it. It is a speedy game that requires quick action. The game includes six people that wake up at an unknown place, and two people get infected by a virus amongst them. Those two people become human-eating zombies which are unknown to everybody else, until or unless they reveal it during the blackouts.

The aim to win the game is to escape from the zombies before you get killed by them. A total of six people can play the game together; thus, it’ll be great if you have your gang to build more interest.

Werewolf Online

‘Werewolf Online’ is a popular online party game where you get to meet your friends virtually. The game doesn’t necessarily require a team to win; however, individuals can win the game depending on their roles.

The game enables you to take up the roles of villagers, werewolves, and doctors. Not only this, but new entries are introduced time-to-time, including bombers, witches, etc. The game is available to download on the App Store and Play Store and allows up to 15 friends to play in a private game.


Here is another trick game ‘Spyfall,’ where every player is assigned a common location and occupations that can take place there. It also includes a spy who is unknown by all the other players, and they’ll have to ask vague questions to each other to figure out the same. The role of the spy is to get to know where and who the other players are. The game builds more interest when you play along with four to six members. Also, the game is available in stores respectively, for Apple and Android users.


‘Undercover’ is the easiest game to set up and play. The game involves assigning the players exact words among the civilians. On the other hand, undercovers will be given a word similar to civilians. However, both the teams remain unaware of each other’s identity. Every player in the game takes a turn and presents a clue as to what their word is. To win the game, undercovers will have to guess the word. The game allows up to 20 people to play at once.

Out of the Loop

The game ‘Out of the Loop’ is similar to the Undercover as each player is assigned the same secret work except one. However, this game requires you to ask questions regarding the word making its answer not too obvious, or else everyone might take you out of the game.

If you’re out of the loop and guess the word, you win! The game can be played within three to nine players, so get your tribe ready. Isn’t it interesting? Playing one single game during the lockdown, while now you have multiple options to keep yourself entertained. So, what are you waiting for? If you and your friends cannot meet in real, these virtual and fun ways will get you nostalgic.

SOURCE:- Online Games Similar to ‘Among Us’ That You Can’t Get Enough of

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