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Orochimaru had been one of the most mysterious characters on Naruto. Although he had been an enemy of Konohagakure, surprisingly, he turned himself into an upstanding citizen after going through a redemption arc on Boruto. It is intriguing for most Naruto fans that someone like him could become a trustworthy citizen. But surprisingly, he did prove himself to be reliable. Today we look at how the snake person went through his moral shift and overcame his past. 

It is essential to keep in mind that Orochimaru’s pursuit of knowledge is crucial. His gruesome experiments were driven by the effort to find answers because he is extraordinarily curious about the ninja world. After years of futile experimentation, he realized that he genuinely wanted to learn every Jutsu, but he needed time for that. So, that motivated his quest to become immortal to buy enough time. It was vital for him to find a vessel that sparked his obsession with Sasuke and Uchiha. It was Orochimaru who gave Sasuke his Curse Mark during the Chunin Exams.

Orochimaru went on to become the biggest threat to Naruto. He even invaded Konoha in the hope of killing the Third Hokage. However, it might seem that his actions must be motivated by his pursuit to get a vessel for himself, but there were feelings of revenge too. Orochimaru was annoyed that he was denied the opportunity to become the Hokage by his mentor. But there was already a shift in his character when the Fourth Great Ninja War broke out. He no longer wanted to participate in a war, which was unlike him since he tried starting a war with Konoha. However, his infatuation with Sasuke was far from over.

At the end of Naruto: Shippuden, the fans saw an utterly different Orochimaru who heroically saved the world. But, by this time, both Naruto and Sasuke were much more robust than they used to be, and their powers easily surpassed those of Orochimaru. Even Orochimaru was well aware of this, and he recognized his inadequacy and let go of his dreams of ever taking over Sasuke’s body. After this, there was a significant shift in his philosophy, and he no longer wished to be the cause of change but only wanted to observe it. 

After all that he has done, Orochimaru is given much more respect in Konoha. He even started sending his son, Mitsuki, to Ninja Academy. But even though it might seem that Orochimaru has become an ally, there is still room for doubt. One can’t be sure of the snake-person’s intentions after all that he had done. Even though he had proved to be an ally on many occasions, his actions have been suspicious. Even though his son works, Mitsuki is in the same squad as his daughter Sarada. It remains to be seen how he behaves in the future. Will he remain a trustworthy ally, or will he use Sasuke’s daughter to get the DNA that he always wanted. 

As long as Naruto is the Hokage, one can’t be sure; there is a good chance that he might betray the trust of the people of Konoha and turn on them after Naruto is gone. Orochimaru’s dichotomy is an intriguing aspect of the show, and irrespective of what happens in the future, the show is set up for a great story in the future.

Source: Orochimaru’s Dark Past and His Redemption

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