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Passion Or Career – Take The Lifestyle Test

If you're having orientation doubts – wondering what   The Light Code Review direction to take in your career- or job-life, it's time to apply the lifestyle test. While many career counseling services encourage people to take a look at their passions or interests, rarely do orientation exercises take lifestyle concerns into account.

For example, you might enjoy doing logic puzzles or arguing, leading a career orientator to recommend lawyering as a career choice. But what if you have trouble working in an office? Don't like authority? What if you love long vacations or would like to live in a variety of different countries? What if you don't like long hours or have a passion for details?

A short conversation with most lawyers would quickly reveal that this line of work isn't your dream job. Throw yourself down this road and years of hard work might leave you dissatisfied. Long hours, details, hierarchy and an office culture are endemic to lawyering. To avoid running down costly dead-ends, here is a quick lifestyle test you can apply to determine whether your passion of the moment will lead you to a fulfilling career.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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