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The Naruto series protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, is the strongest ninja in the world, who has actively participated in saving people from evil ninjas. Naruto’s journey to becoming the hero has been challenging as he was once an underdog. But he stood the test of time and proved himself to the ninja world. When he was young, his parents had sealed the spirit of a nine-tailed fox inside their son. Since he had the fox demon spirit inside him, most of the villagers ostracized him. Growing up in a society that ignored his existence, Naruto vowed to become the Hokage to get the respect and acknowledgement that he never got throughout his childhood. His dreams and notoriety as a prankster were, to a degree, were a result of ostracization that he had faced earlier in his life.  

As Naruto played an essential role in ending the Fourth Great Ninja War, he finally achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage. His journey was very intense as he had to undergo rigorous training of his mind, body, and spirit to become the world’s greatest ninja. His rise to greatness was facilitated by the mysterious aspects of his anatomy, along with his abilities and powers. Let’s look at the factors that made Naruto so impressive that he became a Hokage and a great ninja.

Part Nine-Tailed Fox 

When Naruto was born, the nine-tailed fox spirit Kurama’s chakra was sealed off inside his body by his father, the Fourth Hokage. By doing this, he became a vessel for jinchuriki, sort of like a jail for Kurama that enclosed him within Naruto’s human body. But their connection has given jinchuriki the access to the reserves of chakras. Over time, the jinchuuriki and the tailed fox formed an alliance that gave Naruto the ability to use the tailed beast’s chakras as well. 

Naruto was able to secure the partnership because of mutual respect and friendship with Kurama. When he succeeded, he used the nine-tailed chakra form, which allowed him to cloak himself in chakras to use and manipulate them whichever way he wished. 

Massive Reserve of Chakras 

Apart from the nine-tailed fox chakras, Naruto also had a vast reserve of chakras at his disposal since he belongs to the Uzumaki clan, famous for being born with chakra reserves. Because of this, they were often used as a vessel for beasts, like Naruto’s mother, Kushina Uzumaki, who was the host of Kurama before him. Naruto’s Uzumaki Clan is well-known to shoot out chakra chains from their bodies and for specializing in sealing techniques. These unique characteristics that he was born with, along with his ridiculous stamina, ensure that he can train for hours without breaking a sweat. He can also create a large number of shadow clones, which also seems to come from his connection with his clan. 

Rapid Cell Regeneration  

Naruto’s massive reserve of chakras also enables him to regenerate his cells very quickly. This gives him a considerable advantage during his fights. It happens because he has a potent and compressed reserve of chakras that heals injuries as soon as he sustains them. The nine-tailed cloak, when activated, instantly takes care of the damage that he has undergone. Although this doesn’t mean that he is invulnerable, these abilities, coupled with his stamina, makes him very difficult to get rid of. 

Inherited Whiskers 

From his father, Minato Namikaze, Naruto has inherited blue eyes and blond hair while he has acquired his unique chakra and brass personality from his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. But for some reason, he also has three whiskers on his cheeks, an attribute that none of his parents has. It can be argued that he got those whiskers when Kurama was sealed using chakras when his mother was pregnant, but the reason for this might be completely different. Irrespective of the reason, Naruto has had those whiskers ever since he was born. He even passed them on to his children Boruto and Himawari, who, unlike their father, have two whiskers instead of three.  

Prosthetic Arm 

In their final battle against each other, Sasuke and Naruto both lost an arm, while Sasuke decided to do nothing about it, Naruto was advised by Tsunade to use a prosthetic arm that she had created using Hashirama’s cell. The prosthetic arm is quite advanced with surprising mechanical features. They also help him augment his healing and stamina capabilities. Surprisingly the arms are also quite useful for absorbing the opponent’s techniques although they cannot send them back.    

Naruto had worked extremely hard on his body. His anatomy has several attributes and quirks that go in his favor and add to his abilities. These unique characteristics that he has acquired have had a profound effect on his journey to becoming the leader of the village hidden in the leaves. Through rigorous training and hard work, he succeeded in making himself a one-man army who could protect his people on his own. From a prankster to the savior of the world, Naruto had an inspiring journey as he wrestled with ostracization from a young age to finally becoming the respected and revered Hokage.  

source: Peculiarities of Naruto’s Anatomy That Make Him Unique

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