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So finally, the fan-favorite Legendary Lugia has been brought back in Pokemon Go. In the middle of the Halloween Event, Niantic announced that from 5th November, Lugia would appear in 5-Star Raid Battles. Lugia first debuted in 2017, and since then, the popularity of Lugia has massively increased. Lugia is a powerful Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon. To catch this Legendary Pokemon, players have to use the right and powerful counter Pokemon to win the battle.

From November 5 to November 12, Lugia will appear in 5-Star Raid Battles. Players will have enough time to catch it. The great thing about the current Lugia Raid Battle is that players can also encounter Lugia‘s shiny form. The shiny form of Lugia is so elegant. The next big thing in Lugia Raid Battle is that players will get its Legacy move Aeroblast too. Like every Raid Battle, there will be a Lugia Raid hour too, which will take place on 10 November.

As mentioned earlier, Lugia is a powerful Pokemon, and to win the Raid Battle, players have to organize a team of strong trainers and powerful counter Pokemon. To win the battle, there must be three higher rank trainers in the lobby. Apart from it, every trainer must have powerful counter Pokemon to defeat Lugia. Psychic Pokemon are weak against Dark-type Pokemon, while Flying-type is weak against Rock and Electric-type Pokemon. You must keep a mixture of all the best counter Pokemon to win the battle. So here is the list of the best counter Pokemon to defeat Lugia in Raid Battle.

Best Counters for Lugia

The attack, defense, and stamina stats of Lugia are insane. But because of its Psychic/Flying-type, it has plenty of weaknesses. So here is the list of Pokemon that players can use in battle.

Mega Houndoom – Houndoom is a powerful Dark/Fire-type Pokemon. You can evolve it in Mega form to deal extreme damage on Lugia. Because of Psychic-type, Lugia will get double damage by Mega Doundoom’s Dark-type Moves. In the battle, use Snarl as Fast move and Foul Play as Charge move to take down Lugia quickly.

Mega Gengar – Gengar is a fan favorite Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon that can put ultimate damage by its Ghost-type moves. After evolving Gengar in Mega form, its attack and defensive stats will increase. With its Ghost-type moves, you can put more damage on Lugia. While battling against Lugia, use Shadow Claw as Fast move and Shadow Ball as Charge move.

Rhyperior – Rhyperior is a complete powerhouse against Lugia. Rhyperior is a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon that can put extreme damage on Lugia. During the battle, use Smack Down as Fast move and Rock Wrecker or Stone Edge as Charge move.          

Zekrom – Zekrom is a Legendary Dragon/Electric-type Pokemon. This Pokemon is a perfect counter for Lugia. You can use its Electric-type Moves to defeat Lugia quickly. Use Charge Beam as Fast move and Wild Charge as Charge move.

Tyranitar – Tyranitar is also a powerhouse because of high defense and attacking stats. Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon, so you can use any of its moves to take down Lugia. But your best move for Lugia Raid Battle will be Bite as Fast move and Stone Edge as Charge Move.

Darkrai – Darkrai is a powerful Mythical Dark-type Pokemon. Before Lugia, Darkrai was in 5-Star Raid Battles, so players that have Darkrai, they can use it. In the battle, use Snarl as Fast move and Shadow Ball as Charge move.


All the following Pokemon are easily available. Almost every trainer has these Pokemon, so it will be easy for every trainer to win the battle. However, if any player doesn’t have some of the mentioned Pokemon, they can simply use their best Dark, Rock, Ghost, Electric, and Ice-type Pokemon to defeat Lugia.

Source: Pokemon Go: Best Counters for Lugia

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