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One of the most admired Pokemon from the Shields of Justice, Keldeo, is hiding somewhere in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC expansion. Keldeo is a powerful Pokemon, and to catch it, players have to track it down first. Along with Keldeo, there are three more Pokemon that are part of Shields of Justice. The names of the Pokemon are Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion. So if you’re not aware of Keldeo’s location, here is the guide you need to follow.

How to Locate Keldeo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Keldeo is part of Shields of Justice, and to find it, players have to first catch the other Pokemon. If you have already caught them, you need to reach Ballimere Lake, situated in the southern region. You can fly to Dyna Tree Hill to visit the area quickly.

Once you make it to Ballimere Lake, you have to go down to the lake a few inches. After you come out of the lake, you need to head towards a small island close to the lake. On the island, you’ll find a cooking pot and two trees. 

Get close to the cooking pot, and you’ll see uncommon footprints of a Pokemon. Remember before summoning Keldeo, and you must have all three Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion in your team. Now you need to set up a camp close to the cooking pot and make curry. 

After making and eating curry, just leave that spot, and Keldeo will appear pretty soon on the island. While waiting for Keldeo, save your game so that you can reload from the same spot.

Once the Keldeo appears, you will have to battle with it using your powerful Pokemon.

How to Catch Keldeo in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Keldeo is a powerful Pokemon, and it will be a level 65 Pokemon while encountering. It’s a Water/Fighting-type Pokemon, so its attacks and defense stats will be greater than other similar Pokemon types. However, Keldeo is weak against several types of Pokemon and moves. Keldeo is weak against Grass, Electric, Flying, Fairy, Psychic-type Pokemon.

Before starting the battle against Keldeo, make sure to save your game and bring healing items, Pokeballs with you. Keep at least 50 Ultra Balls with you. But if you have a Master Ball, then you can catch it in a single attempt.

Keep a well-organized team with you to win the battle easily. In the battle, it is not necessary to use Terrakion, Cobalion, or Virizion. To defeat this Legendary Pokemon, you must have a well-organized team and the right Pokemon.

Keldeo is a 65 level Pokemon, and that’s why any normal move will not affect it a lot. However, if you have any grass type Pokemon, then you can use Leaf Blade to put extreme damage. Using Leaf Blade will help you to knock Keldeo quickly. 


Undoubtedly, Keldeo is a powerful Pokemon that has high defensive stats. But using Grass and Flying-type Pokemon can make your battle quite easy. The great thing about the Leaf Blade move is that it can charge quickly, and its damage is extremely powerful too.

Source: Pokemon – How to Find and Catch Keldeo

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