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Popular And Some Never Heard Styles Of Center Table Design

Coffee table designs are certainly a major contributor to the beauty and elegance of the living room, no matter what the interior décor says. With or without the presence of any kind of sofa or couch like furniture, the looks of the living space can still be elevated using a properly styled coffee or center table. However, when you are looking for buying any kind of center table, you easily get confused between the various styles of the furniture. 

Generally, you follow the stereotypical classifications like the modernized coffee tables, contemporary designs or the traditional center table design. But, with the recent innovations, the different types of coffee table styles have increased and hence, it is now possible for furniture lovers to buy new and artistic looking furniture designs for their living room. 

Here, we have described some common and some never-heard coffee table designs which will certainly captivate you with their uncanny beauty. 

Parson Styled Coffee Tables 

In 1930, this particular center table design was formulated in the Parsons School of Design and hence the resemblance of the name. Now, it has a modern look even though there are small and very vivid elements of traditional furniture. If you look at the design itself, you will find the table having a simple square or rectangular shaped structure. But, the main attraction of the furniture is concentrated in the four plush legs which have a square shaped cross sectional area with a thickness almost equal to that of the tabletop. Well, this particular center table design can actually sit well with any kind of interior combination. 

Mid Century Coffee Table Designs 

If you take a look at the coffee table designs based on the mid century style, you will find they have an uncanny resemblance to the traditional designs but with a touch of either vintage or modern elements. These coffee tables are usually made from solid woods like elm, teak, rosewood and even pine wood. This is why the architecture of the furniture is usually clean, with soft bending of edges and corners. Another characteristic of the style is the undertone of warmth which makes it suitable for almost any form of interior décor except that of the traditional décor. 

Contemporary And Modern Styled Center Table 

Well, the reason why we have coupled the contemporary and the modern coffee table designs together is because you can hardly differentiate between these two types. Both the styles are the trending ones, having sharper architecture, with very little to no ornate styling. As a result, you will have clearer surface designs with classic structures. 

Shaker Styled Coffee Table Designs 

The history of the Shaker styled center table design goes way back to the times of Christ’s appearance for the second time. This is why the style holds a lot of significance in the traditional culture of the society. As the design is concerned you will have a slight beveled tabletop which is usually quite thick and has a solid structure. The table has drawer systems design in different forms like asymmetrical way and the outside of the compartments have shaker styled buttons or knobs. The design itself has a traditional essence with a warm and gentle look which makes it a perfect element for inclusion in a wide range of interior décor. 

Cottage House Form Coffee Tables 

The very prominent characteristic of a cottage styled center table design is its white or light beige color which represents both the modern styling and a rustic farmhouse styling. The design exudes humbleness and warmth which can put any mind at ease and hence casts a serene glow in the entire living room. 


Here, some designs are there which are heard while some are there you haven’t heard about. Even though it’s a mix of both the styles, we can assure you that you are going to love each one of them.


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