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Portraits of Communication in Marriage

* Tim stood in the foyer of a crowded restaurant  Memory Plus Program Review    watching the lunch crowd pour in no sign of Julie. In a restaurant several miles away, Julie stood in the crowded foyer peering at the door waiting for Tim. When Jackie said to her husband, Its awful here! Your never in this housie here alone all day and night! Carl heard her say that she hates the house he built. What Jackie meant to communicate was that she likes the house be built, but wants him to spend more time in it with her. When Emily's husband withdraws, she pushes and nags at him to open up. He then withdraws more. Eventually, they both lose their tempers. She begins yelling, and he leaves the house to join his buddies at the bar.

* According to some marital experts, up to 90 percent of couples seeking counseling say communication issues are at the root of their problems. Even during serious discussions or heartfelt talks, couples can completely confuse each other. Effective and encouraging communication holds extreme potential for enriching the intimacy of a marriage. The communication process can be understood and analyzed in a five-part manner. Human communication is:

(1) A message by one person or group that is

(2) sent in verbal or written form to

(3) another person or group who

(4) receives the message and

(5) understands its meaning in a certain way. Try video counseling for help.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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