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Having a personal safety devices can save a child during situations where the parents may not always be present. Children like to play and to explore their world and wonder off in their own thoughts. In that process, accidents could happen and the possible sustain of injuries or worse is ever present. Unfortunately, in some cases those injuries can be fatal with more than two million children under the age of 15 are estimated to experience injuries arising from accidents in and around the home every year. It is also estimated that 62 children under the age of five lose their lives yearly as a result of injuries sustained during accidents.

  1. Lifestyle

There are many different types of personal alert systems on the market today. A few years ago, there was only a set of devices available. Today Silent Beacon is the most loved personal alert system for emergency safety.

Silent Beacon device has many features that make it BEST one in the market. Please visit us online to know about the complete features and working. 

  1. Lifestyle

Investing in your children’s safety starts with a few simple steps. Teaching them their essential information, downloading the Silent Beacon kids safety app and having them carry the Silent Beacon wearable panic button is a great start. For International Youth Day, support and uplift your children by teaching them safety practices they can implement in their everyday lives.

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  1. Health

The year 2020 will be one written about in the history books. 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotional situations. It is common for stress and anxiety to be heightened during times of uncertainty. International Panic Day is annually observed on June 18th where individuals take the time to evaluate their priorities. And take steps toward eliminating anything that induces stress and anxiety. It is necessary to acknowledge panic and find ways to reduce stress. We have compiled a guide on how to relieve a panic attack with six tips and tricks including devices like the Silent Beacon wearable panic button to give you peace of mind.

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