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  1. Science / Technology
Google has registered 2,145,013 phishing sites as of Jan 17, 2021. In response to the ever-increasing danger of assaults disguised as emails from phishers, impostors, and other more skilled security fraudsters, Google has released a tool that enables companies to fight back by badging their emails with validated brand logos. The BIMI group has announced […]
  1. Science / Technology
About the Author  Ankush Johar is a serial entrepreneur with interests in telecommunications, media, technology, and cybersecurity. He’s had the privilege of influencing key policy decisions for nations and international organizations such as the UN, ITU, and BEREC (Body of European Regulators), among others. He holds an Honors degree in Economics and a Masters of […]
  1. Science / Technology
SPF, as well as DKIM, are essential standards for the authentication of emails. Even after the email sender has implemented SPF and DKIM, however, three crucial elements of the email authentication are not in place. That’s why the evolution of DMARC. #1: Which Matters More: SPF or DKIM? There isn’t a method for the recipient […]
  1. Cybersecurity
You, whether you’re a marketer or someone who relies on email to communicate with customers and clients every day, need to understand how crucial it is for you to ensure that your emails reach the intended recipient. Email deliverability is a significant problem for marketers all over the world. According to an article, on average, […]
  1. Business
Gmail has been committed to creating a secure-by default experience that is based on solid defenses. It is a fundamental design principle. As a result, Gmail has a solid security foundation with built-in protections that help filter out malicious messages. These defenses are essential for keeping Gmail users safe. However, email is part of an interconnected, complex ecosystem […]
  1. Business
The 5th annual Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals report (ESG and ISSA) offers valuable insights into the cybersecurity pros’ experiences, as well as how they see themselves in relation to other members of the organization. This data is important for CISOs and other cybersecurity leaders who are concerned about retention and recruitment. These are […]
  1. Science / Technology
Google has announced that the verified brand logos functionality would be available in its Gmail email service. Gmail will now display certified brand logos to email recipients, enhancing security and assisting users in avoiding scams. In July 2020, the tech giant announced a Gmail test for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). In 2019, it […]
  1. Business
Have you ever had someone grab your phone and text someone, pretending to be you (jokingly or maliciously)? Doesn’t make you feel very wonderful. Even if you tell the recipient the truth, they’ll probably be sceptical of all your texts in the future. You’ll also probably be extra cautious about who you let borrow your […]

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